Doug Wade

Name: Doug Wade

Age: 61

Occupation: Owner/Manager- Dwade Construction LLC

Where do you live? Sedona

How long have you lived in the area? 39 years in Arizona, more than 20 in CD1

Short description about yourself (200 words):

I am an established small business owner with previous corporate management leadership experience; I am a father, a husband, a Vietnam era veteran and long time CD1 resident. I came home from the Army and went to college on the GI Bill and worked hard to contribute back to our great nation. I am a common sense Republican who means business. I have two grown daughters who are college graduates. For many years, my wife and I have operated a modest home construction firm, treating our employees and contractors like we wanted to be treated. I have volunteered my time over the years to community organizations simply to help others. Arizona and CD1 is our home, in the “grandest district” in the state, spanning the Grand Canyon to Casa Grande and beyond.

Why are you running in Congressional District 1?

We have a country worth saving and we have a constitution to defend. It’s not only our right, it’s our duty and it’s our moral obligation to do so. Our nation is in deep trouble. Our country has gotten off on the wrong track. Our freedoms have been slipping away from us, inch by inch, little by little, for a long time and we’ve got to restore our freedoms.

Our country is saddled with enormous debt load. It’s a debt that, left unchecked, could very well bury this country. This ticking debt bomb is the greatest threat to our national security that we’ve seen in our lifetimes. The first thing I will do in Washington is fight to get this insane government spending under control.

In Arizona, many people are suffering the devastating effects of a severe recession. For those who have lost their jobs, are working only part time or who’ve given up working altogether, it’s not just a recession, for them it’s a depression.

When you send me to Washington, I will relentlessly pursue pro-business and pro-growth policies. I will reduce the size and scope of government, reduce pressing regulations, promote tax incentives to grow business and let loose the free enterprise economy to grow jobs so Americans can get back to the dignity of a job and get off of welfare.

Have you held any other office?

No, however, I am an elected Republican Party Precinct Committeeman and Precinct committee captain, Yavapai Republican party; in addition, I have been active in Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Verde Valley and a past volunteer with the Northern Arizona Council Of Governments (NACOG).

Given the size of CD1, are you confident you can meet the needs of constituents in Southern Arizona while still serving the district as a whole?

I have lived in both Southern and Northern Arizona over the past 39 years. I have the diversity and understanding of the rural/urban areas by being part of them.

What are your three top priorities? If elected, how will you address those priorities?

My priorities are to restore jobs and our economy, rollback regulations to provide more Liberty, reduce the size of Government and drive to American solutions for energy needs. I will address those priorities by championing legislation in each area.

If you are running in the Primary Election, what makes you the best candidate to move on to win the General Election?

I have a demonstrated track record for more than 20 years as a business leader and business owner anchored in the district. My competitors don't live in the district, have not been in the area much over the past several years or simply don't have the community involvement and experience. One of my competitors has been a lobbyist for the payday loan industry, something Arizona voters overwhelmingly got rid of in a referendum. I have a clean record to go up against liberal Ann Kirkpatrick, they don't.

How do you feel about the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the Affordable Healthcare Act? Would you vote to repeal the legislation?

I am not surprised on the ruling. We should preserve the parts that prohibit dropping people's insurance for pre-existing conditions and allowing families to keep their immediate kids on their coverage until age 25, along with the provisions that reduce the Medicare drug costs and helps our seniors. Many of the other provisions need to be done away with, including mandatory coverage. I will work hard to get rid of the parts of the Act that hurt American businesses and stymie business growth. We need to replace the PPACA with free market reforms; eliminate state monopolies of Health delivery corporations and Health Insurance Companies; pave the way for true free enterprise and unrestricted competition across state lines, and allow states to pass tort reform and malpractice reforms.

Did you agree with the Supreme Court for upholding a key portion of SB1070, but rejecting the rest? Do you agree that SB 1070 is a step in the right direction to handle illegal immigration as Gov. Brewer has stated?

SB1070 is a profound statement of the frustration that Arizona has endured with the lack of Federal leadership on a runaway illegal immigration catastrophe that has occurred over decades. We need more robust border security by implementing a combination of fencing, electronic motion monitoring and rapid response teams, utilizing National Guard backing up U.S. Border Patrol officers. I am not in favor of simply a fence along the entire border as a single solution. If we had control of the border, we would not have the need for a SB1070.

How do you feel about President Barack Obama’s announcement that this administration will not deport young people?

President Obama acted illegally - he should have come to Congress for his idea, not acted like a dictator. This type of single-mindedness is a major problem in Washington and readily shows Obama is unable to lead, either on issues or lead to Congressional legislative solutions. I am in favor of a pathway to legal status for law abiding illegal immigrants who have worked here for years, engaged in civic activities, can obtain American citizen’s sponsorship, and desire to make a life here, without any expectation of citizenship through amnesty. Also, each of these seeking some sort of status must be paying into our Federal and state tax systems – if they want the privilege of being in America, then they have to pay their share. Such a program, however, does not make any sense if we cannot control our border. I am opposed to any "dream act" until we have control of the border.

What are some specific changes needed in Washington?

We need to reduce Federal Spending, Reform Entitlements, increase tax revenues through a robust economy, and push for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution with a mandatory debt reduction clause. We need robust leadership, not political speak.

What are your thoughts on the Fast and Furious controversy? Do you agree with the House of Representatives voting to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt? How do you feel about President Obama claiming executive privilege in the matter?

I agree with the U.S. House's holding the Attorney General in contempt. There is no logical reason for withholding the information so we can end this with the truth. Holder's action, along with Obama's, tends to say they are hiding the truth from Americans.

Contraception has been a big issue in Arizona, and a source of debate at the national level. Should employers be able to deny healthcare coverage for contraception based on religious beliefs?

The First Amendment rights of religious employers, such as the Catholic Church, need to be respected. The issue is not denying healthcare coverage, it is simply not paying for birth control medications or procedures, except those that otherwise do not interfere with the faith beliefs of those faith-based employers. We are not talking about all employers, we are talking about faith-based employers, such as churches or organizations wholly operated by churches.

The disapproval rating in Congress has been low over the last few years. Will you be able to reach across party lines to do what’s best for the country? Do you have any proof that you have this ability based on past service?

Yes, I will be able to work across party lines to implement solutions for the good of the country. It is career politicians who are intransigent, and unwilling to break with the party line for fear of their re-election. I have had to work with people from all walks of life to reach the win-win solution in business practice for decades. I worked across party lines when volunteering with the Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG).

What must be done to improve the economy, and decrease jobless claims both in Arizona and at the national level?

We must wake up the American People and the voters to our harsh economic reality. Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Free Markets, and Freedom, when properly regulated by good governance, beats Tyranny, Big Government, and State Run everything, any day. We are clearly divided into the Dependent on Government Class vs. the We Prefer Freedom Class. Only a giant shift towards more Freedom and Less Government will solve our economic problems and put more people back to work. So why do we keep electing the Perennial Politicians?

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