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Kathleen B. Kunz: “I want to reach out to people who haven’t had their voices heard in the past and provide insight into our institutions.”

The Tucson Local Media editorial family set a new place at the table Monday morning, welcoming a new writer to the fold.

After an impressive stint as one of our college interns last summer and a freelance gig this fall, Kathleen B. Kunz joined our editorial team this week as our newest staff reporter.

Though she’s a New Jersey native, Kathleen has spent most of her life here in Southern Arizona. After graduating from Empire High School she moved onto the University of Arizona to study journalism, where she’s wrapping the bow on her degree.

“I enjoy how passionate people are for local news,” she said. “I like writing about things that affect us here and now. I truly believe that knowledge is power and I feel honored to have an opportunity to be a bridge between information and the public.”

We’re excited to have Kathleen join the team and we’re looking forward to her investigative work and continued coverage of the local community. Expect to see her at the various council meetings, forums, open houses and other shindigs that help drive the gears around the region.

“I want to provide our readers with a steady stream of information on happenings in local government, trends in public policy, and the occasional goings on around town,” she said. “I want to reach out to people who haven’t had their voices heard in the past and provide insight into our institutions.”

That’s not all the good news we’ve been sitting on. With more than a year under his belt, Jeff Gardner has stepped up to take over the role of associate editor. In his new position, Jeff is taking over our internship program, helping plan coverage for our six publications and further developing our arts and culture section.

As the year draws to a close, it’s also time to say goodbye to our most recent crew of University of Arizona interns, who joined us back in August. The news industry is a tough biz—a few interns didn’t make it to the finish line this semester—so special thanks to Brianna Lewis, Zac Ogden, Moe Irish, Kara Lipson, Savannah Modesitt and Chandler Donald for joining us these past few months as each of them take the early steps on their (potential) journalism careers, and for making it to the end of the road.

It will be several weeks before the new batch of interns joins us, but we’re looking forward to putting them through their paces. And while our most recent cast of college kids has left our offices, some of their stories are still to come, so keep an eye out.

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