Marana Town Council

Marana Town Council.

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Despite opposition from local residents, the Town of Marana approved a plan for future development in The Twin Peaks Corridor. 

Ryan Mahoney, the town planning director, gave a presentation outlining the vision for future development in The Twin Peaks Corridor during the Feb. 18 meeting. The measure applies to properties located along Camino de Manana and Twin Peaks Roads between Tangerine Road and Linda Vista Boulevard.

The vision for the corridor reflects some of the guidelines and regulations that are outlined in the Marana General Plan and Land Development Code. The goal is for the future developments to blend in with the surrounding environment of the Sonoran Desert. Each development will have common characteristics by way of landscaping, signage, buffers, recreational amenities, color palette and similar use of building materials. There will also be an emphasis on preserving the desert landscape and the desert animals by building wildlife crossing structures.

The study also looked at an available 300 acres located south of the Tortolita Preserve along Twin Peaks Road. It is a low residential area that would have two units per acre. That would total 604 units in the 300-acre property. The study also looked at the possibility of densifying the area by having 2.5 units per acre, which adds an additional 200 homes to the area. 

Officials are working with 300 acres right now, but there is another 400 more acres that could become available to us in the near future,” said Mahoney.

Residents in or near the surrounding Twin Peaks Corridor voiced their opposition to the possibility of more development. Comments ranged from the cost of rezoning to losing the desert landscape by increased development to additional traffic. Despite the residents concerns, the council unanimously voted to approve The Twin Peak Corridor Study to use as a guide for future development in the area.

The meeting also included two public hearings for rezoning. The WLB Group requested to rezone 26 acres of land that is west of Twin Peaks Road, east of Decker Drive and south of Potvin Lane. The residential area was proposed to change to a specific plan that would break up the area into three parts: residential area, natural open space and active open space. The change would allow for 60-single family residential lots on 13.2 acres of the land, 12 acres of natural open space and .6 acres for active open space. The change allows for developers to increase the number of residents per acre. The council unanimously approved the change although majority of the residents at the meeting opposed the plan. 

The other area approved for rezoning was a 100-acre lot that is east of Camino De Mañana and about a quarter mile north of Lambert Lane. The area was also approved to change from residential to specific plan that would separate the land into three parts: medium density residential, natural open space and active open space. The change would allow for 195 residential lots on 47.6 acres, 48.1 acres for natural open space and 3.4 acres for active open space. In the residential area necessary changes would be made to the roadway, drainage and utility infrastructures. The council also unanimously approved the plan.

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Len Paradise

The problem here is the people have NO VOICE, they are either corrupt or just stupid.

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