Town of Marana

Town of Marana has hired Steven Romero to be their new assistant town manager. 

He began the new position on March 6 and returns to the town after working on the East Coast. 

Romero will oversee the departments of technology services, economic development, community relations, and parks and recreation. He will also assist the town attorney and the town’s legal department on a number of legal matters. 

The town has long had three town manager slots, but when a position became available during the 2008 recession, the town did not fill it as part of a cost-cutting measure.  Town Manager Gilbert Davidson had been working Deputy Town Manager Jamsheed Mehta in the Town Manager’s Office as a two-man team, along with other staffers, before the addition of Romero. 

“For a number of years, we’ve been able to maintain everything with two people, and sometimes one person, we are at a point with the amount of growth and activity from one end of town to the other it is nice another person involved,” Davidson said.

Romero previously worked for the Town of Marana in 2008 when he became the Town’s first intergovernmental affairs administrator. At that time, he worked with Southern Arizona’s congressional delegation, then-Sen. Jon Kyl’s office and state representatives in an effort to further the town’s legislative goals. Before joining the town staff, Romero worked for the international consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton in Virginia.  

Romero earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona and a Juris Doctor from Creighton University. He is a member of the State Bar of Arizona. He came to Marana after working as an attorney for the federal government, where he handled employee disciplinary matters. He also served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia where he prosecuted federal crimes. 

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