Trevor Dickerson, an Canyon Del Oro High School senior is a State Officer for Arizona DECA.

Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

Canyon Del Oro senior Trevor Dickerson was recently named a State Representative for Arizona’s chapter of Distributive Education Clubs of America, Incorporated (DECA) and is looking to campaign on the national level.

Dickerson, who started getting involved with DECA his junior year, won regionals with a classmate last year. Though the two of them went on to compete in the state competition, they did not win, but ended up traveling to the national competition as a substitute. 

Around that time, Dickerson learned of an opening for becoming a state officer. He applied, interviewed and was chosen.

“There are eight state officers. Three are president, vice president and secretary, and the other five are representatives,” Dickerson said. “Collectively we oversee the student part of the organization, so that is 6,600 members, six massive conferences – some of them bring over 2,000 students – and we basically help carry out those activities.”

To get to a point where a person can apply for one of the state officers is an honor enough, and it’s one that CDO’s marketing teacher Terri Bible doesn’t see very often.

“It’s a huge deal. It’s a lot of responsibility for him,” said Bible. “Out of all of the students I’ve had – I’ve been teaching for 22 years –he stands above all of them as far as his presentation skills, his dedication and his interest. I can’t say enough about him. It’s a huge honor for me to have him representing the whole state.”

The DECA organization is designed to prepare young emerging leaders and entrepreneurs within the areas of management, marketing, finance and hospitality. They are able to network with each other, as there are members in every state along with countries like Canada, China, Germany, Guam, Hong Kong, South Korea, Mexico and Puerto Rico. 

To become a state representative, which can only happen while a student is in their senior year, consists of three interviews over the course of a day. The interviews are with the state leaders, DECA alumni and current state officers. 

Dickerson had one interview with the state director, the assistant state director, two current state officers and two incoming state officers. 

“It was very nerve racking to begin with because I had never done something like that,” Dickerson recalled. “But about a year ago, I interviewed for a leadership position with the presidential campaign. I figured after I interviewed for something like that, I could interview for anything. So it was a little easier than I expected it to be.

“When it comes to a job interview or something like that, I think I excel.”

“I agree,” Bible added

For Dickerson, joining and becoming a member of DECA wasn’t always on his radar. It was his older brother, Tyler, who persuaded him to join.

“He always told me about his experiences going to the conferences, meeting new people and doing the activities at the competitions,” Dickerson said about his brother in DECA. “It sounded like so much fun and it sounded like a great opportunity.”

The organization has become near to Dickerson’s foundation as he moves on through high school and looks towards running for national position within DECA. He speaks highly of the co-curricular organization that is taught in the classroom, as he has begun his national campaign. 

Dickerson is in the process of raising $7,000 to $10,000 for his campaign by January. Around early February, he will turn in his application. If approved, he will then go on to campaign at the national conference to 16,000 students.

If you would like to help Dickerson, checks can be made out to Arizona DECA, with his name, Trevor Dickerson, in the memo. They can be mailed to 1535 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85007.

For more information, visit the website at or contact Dickerson at

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