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The high school volleyball season has come to a close in Southern Arizona, meaning it’s time to get down to the business of picking the best of the best players in our midst. 

This season saw the Marana Tigers storm to life, capturing an at-large berth in the 5A playoffs, while the Ironwood Ridge Nighthawks didn’t miss a beat, winning the 5A South region title once again. 

The Canyon del Oro Dorados and Catalina Foothills Falcons both reached the first round of the 4A playoffs. The Dorados fell to Greenway in three sets, while the Falcons lost to second-seed, Estrella Foothills in five sets. 

The Pusch Ridge Christian Academy Lions were swept by Monument Valley in the 3A play-in round, but still finished with a 16-14 mark under coach Dana Wahl. 

There are plenty of noteworthy players in the region, making it tough to single out a handful for this list each fall. 

Without further ado, here’s who made the cut during the 2019 girls volleyball season in northwest Tucson. 

Outside Hitter

1st Team: Andrea Vigil 

Ironwood Ridge senior

Stats: 347 digs, 314 kills, 44 aces, 30 blocks, .218 hit percentage

Vigil was the backbone of Bill Lang’s high-flying front line this season, finishing sixth in 5A with 314 kills this season. Both Vigil and fellow Ironwood Ridge front liner Alyssa Feltman excelled at the net this season, guiding the Nighthawks to a 26-13 record.

2nd Team: Alyssa Feltman 

Ironwood Ridge junior

Stats: 309 kills, 196 digs, 28 aces, 23 blocks, .213 hit percentage

Feltman, like Vigil, was a tour de force for Lang’s team this fall, finishing seventh in the division in kills, while also providing a nice thump on serves as well, with 28 aces to her name. Feltman should be the team’s go-to player next fall, as she’s got an unmatched skill set.

Opposite Hitter

1st Team: Jannelle Grant 

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy junior

Stats: 205 kills, 165 digs, 40 aces, 18 blocks, .202 hit percentage

Grant was practically unstoppable for Wahl’s team this fall, finishing with more than 200 kills, while doing a great job of returning serves and attacks for the Lions this year.  

2nd Team: Kaylee Moseley

Marana senior

Stats: 108 kills, 47 digs, 42 blocks, 7 aces, .172 hit percentage

Moseley was a core component of a Tigers senior class coach Jenifer Ball cites as a key group in turning the volleyball program around. She was a huge component of the team’s attack, finishing with more than 100 kills and 40 blocks this season. 

Outside/Right-Side Hitter

1st Team: Grace Ehler 

Marana senior

Stats: 281 kills, 147 digs, 51 aces, 20 blocks, .298 hit percentage

Ehler was a one-woman wrecking crew along the front line this year, leading the team in kills while also racking up an impressive number of aces in the serve game. Ehler’s contributions played a key role in the team’s surge this season, with her innumerable contributions guiding the Tigers to a memorable 22-7 record this year. 

2nd Team: Ella Dotson

Marana senior

Stats: 273 kills, 150 digs, 36 aces, 18 blocks, .334 hit percentage

Dotson was even more accurate and deadly in certain ways than Ehler the net, powering past overmatched opponents all year long. The duo’s size and athleticism allowed the Tigers to power past their foes all year, resulting in a season that few around the program will forget anytime soon. 


1st Team: Kianna Swingle 

Ironwood Ridge senior

Stats: 583 assists, 89 digs, 50 kills, 31 aces, .461 hit percentage 

Swingle was one of the Nighthawks’ most unsung heroes this year, digging out plenty of serves while also setting up key assists for her teammates, allowing the team’s attack to flourish. She was a key part of the team’s 5A South region title.  

2nd Team: Jaeliin Reeb 

Mountain View junior

Stats: 479 assists, 187 digs, 65 kills, 53 aces, .244 hit percentage

Reeb had a heck of a season for Jose Robles and the Lions this fall, using her athleticism and wits to set up her teammates while also slamming home a few kills when she had the opportunity. She was the Lions’ best all-around player this fall.

Middle Blocker

1st Team: Lauren Rumel

Catalina Foothills sophomore

Stats: 270 kills, 31 blocks, 29 aces, .351 hit percentage

Rumel was the backbone of the Falcons’ attack this season, as the 6 foot 2 inch sophomore used her size and athleticism to overpower those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of her attacks. Rumel’s unique offensive and defensive skills allowed the Falcons to race to a 21-13 record, with the sophomore being a name to keep an eye on the next two years in Southern Arizona. 

2nd Team: Hannah Ford

Ironwood Ridge senior

Stats: 47 blocks, 45 aces, 41 digs, 38 kills, .208 hit percentage

Ford played a huge role for Lang’s team this season. Her ability to dig out opposing team’s serves while also feeding excellent sets and bumps to her teammates so they could drive home kills was impressive to watch, and merits Ford a spot. 


1st Team: Destiny Pundt

Mountain View senior

Stats: 479 assists, 187 digs, 65 kills, 53 aces, .244 hit percentage

Reeb did just what your prototypical libero is expected to do this season, serving as the quarterback of sorts for the Lions’ attack. The junior did a great job of digging out serves, while also putting her free balls and sets in the right spot, allowing the team to flourish at times this season. The Lions’ finished with a disappointing 15-17 record but should be in better shape in years to come, thanks to the work ethic and success that players like Pundt had in their time at the school. 

2nd Team: Emelia Stueck

Marana senior

Stats: 115 digs, 43 aces, 43 assists 16 kills

Stueck was a part of the Tigers’ class of eight seniors this season, providing excellent digs and service receptions this season, to allow outside hitters like Ehler and Dotson to feast on opposing teams.  

Defensive Specialist

1st Team: Gabriella Salazar

Marana junior

Stats: 266 digs, 25 aces, 37 assists

Salazar played a key role for the Tigers’ attack this year, digging out low balls that could have cost the team valuable points, so they could go on the offensive and use their height to overpower opponents. Her contributions to this year’s Marana team should not go unnoticed, as Salazar played a key role in the team’s ability to thwart opposing attacks, guiding the Tigers to victory 22 times this season. 

2nd Team: Savannah Kay

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy junior

Stats: 75 digs, 26 aces, 26 assists, 1 kill

Kay was a valued member of the Lions’ attack, as she did an excellent job of making sure the team’s opponents gained no easy points this season. Her ability to dig out low balls and set up the team’s setters and outside/opposite hitters was key to the team’s winning record this year. Kay did a great job of doing the little things right for the team, allowing the Lions to reach the play-in round of the 3A postseason. 

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