A Marana Unified School District bus turning left out of Estes Elementary School collided with a Toyota Prius on Thursday, Sept. 12. The driver of the Prius was traveling southbound on the west frontage road, just north of Grier Road, when the bus pulled out in front of it.

Of the 55 students who were on the bus, 16 of the students, ranging from kindergarten to sixth graders, complained of injuries. Each student was checked out by the Northwest Fire Department and released to their respective parents.

The driver of Prius was transported to the University Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.

“The bus driver was cited for failure to yield but the cause [of the accident] is still under investigation,” said Marana Police Department’s Lead Motor Officer Jason Cann. “There are some other factors that we have to look at, considering the junction.”

The Marana Unified School District has a protocol in place for when situations like this happen, according to Tamara Crawley, the districts public relations personnel.

Immediately after the accident, the bus driver called 9-1-1 and then contacted the district’s transportation department.

After the bus driver, who has not had any prior driving issues while working for the district and who is a lead driver and trainer for the district, submitted to a mandatory drug and alcohol screening, is medically cleared.

The Transportation Comprehensive Review Committee for MUSD is now charged with reviewing all aspects pertaining to the accident.

“We just take a very compressive look at everything prior to making a determination on whether or not there will be any discipline imposed,” Crawley said. “That is where the district is right now.”

The committee is comprised of about 10 employees from the transportation and district administration, bus drivers, trainers, and from other areas within the district.

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