Whiskey Roads

Whiskey Roads will fill the former Macaroni Grill location on Ina Road. 

Northwest Tucson will soon have a country bar to call its own, when Whiskey Roads opens on August 1. 

The restaurant and bar concept for the 8,700 square foot location at 2265 W. Ina Road is the brainchild of Fernando Gomez and the owners of Putney’s Sports Bar & Grill. 

Gomez said the location will combine the entertainment of a nightclub with hearty food and plethora of drink options that casual restaurants around town currently offer. 

Whiskey Roads will be the first true country-themed bar in the northwest portion of Tucson since New West/Gotham closed in 2001, Gomez said. 

“It's going to be a new experience for everybody because there's nothing like this on the Northwest side,” Gomez said. “You're going to have lots of entertainment. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring in big names and local bands for sure. But we’re going to be very picky about who we bring in.” 

Gomez compared the musical acts that Whiskey Roads is going to pursue to the one’s that currently are playing other country bars around town, like The Maverick on East Tanque Verde Road. 

Gomez, who’s been in the restaurant and bar industry for 23 years, said patrons can expect a solid combination of fun and affordability from the new concept. 

“We're going to have a setup where you can have an affordable lunch, and then you can have an affordable dinner. We're going to have both,” he said. “We'll have all the mainstays, from steak to chicken. We needed something like that on the northwest side.” 

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Whiskey Roads will be the location’s 2,000 square foot patio, which will allow patrons to enjoy fresh air while they eat or drink. 

For Gomez, the key will be hitting all the right notes for future patrons, so Whiskey Roads can stand out and bring in a diverse crowd to a part of Tucson they might not have thought of in the past.

“We want to make it the best that we can for everybody,” he said. “Right now, we’re in the process of the remodel and we want to ensure that everything lives up to people’s expectations.”

Gomez said the restaurant’s owners have equally high expectations for the space, having kept an eye on the spot for more than a year. 

“The location has prime parking, which is number one, especially for a dance night club,” Gomez said. “Once we found out that [Romano’s Macaroni Grill] was going to close their doors we showed interest in it. We put a bid in January 1st as soon as they moved out; we wanted to make sure we had first dibs on it, and we did.”


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