Northwest Medical Center just got bigger and more hi-tech after the completion of a $50 million surgical wing. 

The hospital opened the doors to its new wing on Jan. 27, just one year and two days after groundbreaking.

The 60,000-square-foot expansion features 16 operating rooms as well as specialized suites for cardiac procedures, robotic-assisted surgery, and spine and brain surgery. 

The wing’s hybrid suite, which at 1,000 square feet is the largest of its kind in Arizona, combines a cardiac catheterization lab and cardiac and vascular surgery capabilities into one space. 

The goal with the hybrid suite is to provide doctors and patients with a more effective and efficient way to perform multiple cardiac related procedures at once while minimizing patient transportation.

The room features two large monitors for reference during surgery, as well as an X-ray and monitoring machine that reduces the typical amount of radiation by as much as 85 percent, making for a safer environment for both the patient and doctors. A rotatable operating table allows staff ease of access to patients during surgery. 

“It makes things easier and more convenient,” said Robin Athey, director of cardiac catheterization. “You can have multiple doctors working side-by-side on a single patient using the latest tools and technology.”

The hospital will began patient admittance to the hybrid room on Feb. 10.

Also coming with the expansion is a neurosurgical suite offering 3D image-guided technology, which allows surgeons better visualization during spine or brain surgery, according to Equipment Coordinator Jose Gonzalez. 

The room will provide space for surgeons to operate on patients for issues such as cranial or spinal tumors, along with a number of other issues. 

Two robotic suites will make use of da Vinci surgical systems. These minimally invasive machines allow surgeons to operate through a few small incisions, and provide the surgeon with a 3D magnified high definition vision, allowing for better control and precision. 

The new wing, which also incorporates a much larger lobby and waiting area than the current establishment, also serves to increase communication methods between staff and people in the waiting room. Anyone accompanying someone who is undergoing a procedure in the surgical wing will receive electronic updates on that person’s status. 

According to Gonzalez, one of the reasons the new wing was needed was for the additional space.

“As we keep adding rooms, we keep adding equipment, so eventually there was nowhere to go,” he said. 

Another reason the new wing was needed, according to Marketing Communications Specialist Whitney Ravesloot, is to accommodate more patients and procedures.

The expansion solves this, not only by offering larger operating rooms – 550 square feet compared to the 400 square feet of existing rooms – but also by including a more spacious equipment room to hold supplies. 

Northwest Medical Center is located at 6200 N. La Cholla Blvd. The surgical wing is located on the west side of Corona Road, which is two streets east of La Cholla Boulevard. For more information, visit

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