On Dec. 12 at 10:47 p.m., Officers from Operations Division Midtown responded to the Domino’s Pizza located at 5460 East Speedway in reference to a report of a carjacking. The victim told 911 that a male suspect had taken his vehicle and wallet at gunpoint. A description of the vehicle was quickly broadcast to responding units. Moments later, an officer spotted the vehicle near the intersection of 5th Street and Alvernon Way. The officer activated his emergency equipment in an attempt to stop the vehicle. The suspect drove off at a high rate of speed at which time a pursuit was initiated with assistance from the Air Support Unit. The suspect continued to evade police, ran red lights and drove onto oncoming traffic several times in order to pass vehicles ahead of him. The vehicle drove through the front yard of a residence in the 500 block of North Treat, causing extensive damage to a light pole, a wrought iron fence and landscape. The chase continued and ultimately ended in an alley located north of Second Street and east of Stewart

Avenue. The suspect ran away from the vehicle and several officers gave chase, including a K-9 officer and his service dog. The suspect ran into the front yard of a residence in the 2900 block of East 2nd Street. With assistance from the Air

Support Unit, the area was quickly contained. Officer Chris Fenoglio and his dog “Ivan” immediately began a scout of the area starting at the residence where the suspect was last observed. The suspect later emerged from the front porch of the residence brandishing a large caliber revolver, which was initially down at his side. He then pointed the handgun to his head. “Ivan” was released and bit the suspect on his left arm. The suspect turned the gun downward and shot “Ivan” once at close range. The suspect began to move again with the handgun in hand. Officers gave the suspect repeated commands to drop the weapon however he refused to comply. Officers Fenoglio, Matthew Merz, Jason Kerns and Jon

Collamore all fired multiple shots at the suspect striking him numerous times.

The suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. He has been identified however his name is being withheld at this time pending next of kin notification. “Ivan” was transported to Valley Animal Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries following extensive life saving measures.

Detectives assigned to the Night Detective Unit, the Homicide Unit, and the Office of Internal Affairs responded to the scene to continue the investigation. The investigation is ongoing as detectives examine and collect evidence at the scene and interview witnesses and involved officers. The Homicide Unit will continue the criminal investigation. The Office of Internal Affairs will conduct a separate and parallel administrative investigation, examining the actions of department personnel in response to this incident. This type of post-shooting administrative review is standard protocol when an officer discharges their weapon in the line of duty, and is utilized to determine whether department policies were followed, and if current training, equipment, supervision, and policies are adequate and appropriate.

Based upon the outpouring of public support, the Tucson Police Foundation has generously established a mechanism by which donations can be made to provide assistance to the Tucson Police Department K-9 Unit.

Tucson Police Foundation website (www.tucsonpolicefoundation.org). A direct link to the donation page can be found at: https://www.tucsonpolicefoundation.org/?page_id=28 . Once there, select the amount of the donation and then select from the drop down menu "Service Dog Unit K9.” Proceed to the checkout for entering credit card information. A receipt for the donation will be emailed once it is submitted and received.

Officer Chris Fenoglio is a 13-year veteran of the Tucson Police Department and is assigned to the Service Dog Unit.

Officer Matthew Merz is a 13-year veteran of the Tucson Police Department and is also assigned to the Service Dog

Unit. Officer Jason Kerns is a 5-year veteran of the Tucson Police Department and is assigned to Operations Division

Midtown. Officer Jon Collamore is a 9-year veteran of the Tucson Police Department and is also assigned to Operations

Division Midtown.

The Chief of Police has issued the below listed statement:

"An incident like this demonstrates the extreme danger faced by the officers of the Tucson Police Department, both human and canine, on a daily basis. In the course of a few short weeks, we have had Sgt. Robert Carpenter shot in the head by an assailant, and now we have K-9 Ivan shot and killed while confronting a violent armed felon. Ivan was a fairly new partner for Ofc. Chris Fenoglio, and he was demonstrating excellent promise to become an outstanding canine partner."

"Canine partners are more than just service animals to the family of their handlers, and to the members of the department.

Through their bravery, loyalty, devotion and sense of duty, they endear themselves to us and hold a special place in our hearts. Ivan will be sorely missed by this agency, and in my opinion by the community at large. If there is any solace to take from this tragedy, it is that Ivan gave his life honorably while doing what he was trained to do...protect the lives of the officers and citizens of this City, and help remove violent individuals from the streets of Tucson."

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