After suffering the deaths of his brother and mother in the space of two days, Kevin Miller was admitted to the hospital himself, due to an unknown illness. Doctors found a dark spot, which was eventually determined to be stage one liver cancer.

“2018 hasn’t been kind to say the least,” Miller said.

But Miller took these difficulties and transformed them into a children’s book. Inspired by a family pet rabbit, The Adventures of Jelly Bean Slide helps children learn core materials such as the alphabet and numbers, while also supporting those suffering from cancer.

The idea dawned on him when meeting with Banner Health to consider what would be best for his treatment.

“I decided then, for a reason only God knows, that Jelly Bean Slide had a purpose,” he said. “And I wanted to get involved with helping others.”

Jelly Bean Slide supports the V Foundation for Cancer Research, The American Red Cross and Banner Health’s Diamond Children’s Medical Center, with $1 going to one of the charities for every book sold.

“Jelly Bean Slide” was the name given by his kids to a pet rabbit his family had growing up; they’ve talked about its adventures for years.

“Jelly Bean Slide was a special addition to our family, especially to the kids,” Janna Miller, Kevin’s wife said. “The kids loved playing in the backyard with her and chasing each other around like they were playing tag. It was so adorable to watch.”

The Adventures of Jelly Bean Slide – “Learning the Alphabet,” is Miller’s first ever experience writing a children’s book. Using creativity, rhymes and colorful pictures, the book helps new readers work on their vocabulary from a young age.

“I’ve been a creative writer virtually all my life,” Miller said. “It’s just something I love to do.”

Miller’s next book will be The Adventures of Jelly Bean Slide – “Learning to count,” but many other projects are currently in the works, including holiday-themed books, and even different social skill books are being suggested.

“We want to be bigger than Dora,” Miller said.

Miller also mentioned the idea of eventually offering a more hands-on and digital experience, for more interactivity.

The Adventures of Jelly Bean Slide“Learning the Alphabet” can be bought on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for around $15.

“Buy a book, help save a life.” Miller said.

For more information, visit jellybeanslide.com

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