Andrew Heinemann

Andrew Heinemann

The Tucson Values Teachers Board of Directors selected long-time local educator Andrew Heinemann as the non-profit organization’s new chief executive officer. Heinemann, currently the principal of Cross Middle School in Amphitheater Public Schools, has previously served on the TVT Board of Directors and on the Raytheon Leaders in Education Awards selection committee. He will start his new position July 1.

“Andrew Heinemann has the experience and classroom-based viewpoint on education our community needs to move the profession forward,” said Clint Mabie, chair of TVT’s board of directors. “His extensive, first-hand experience as a teacher and principal in the Tucson area will support the work of Tucson Values Teachers and our efforts to attract, retain, and support teachers. Last year, Tucson Values Teachers celebrated our 10th anniversary. The Board of Directors has purposely selected an educator to lead our next decade, in partnership with the profession, to expand and deepen our impact.”

Heinemann has spent the past three decades working in education. He was an elementary and middle school teacher for 10 years, while earning his Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. Heinemann served as principal at Harelson Elementary School from 2002 to 2014, and most recently as principal at Cross Middle School starting in 2013.

“I have personally witnessed how the needs of education has drastically changed over the years,” Heinemann said. “I am well aware there is a teacher crisis at hand and I want to continue my work in education by leveraging the resources and programs offered by Tucson Values Teachers and the collaboration with the business community to really support these teachers. When I first started teaching, I became inspired to become an administrator who set high expectations and empowered teachers to be their very best; I will now do the same as CEO of Tucson Values Teachers.”

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