Kittens and their mom dropped at Humane Society

An orange tabby mama cat and her 4 babies were dumped in a pillowcase in the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s donation bin Monday afternoon.

The cat family was discovered by shelter tech, Christine. While unloading the donation bin she discovered one of the donations was wiggling around.

“When I looked down and opened the pillowcase I saw four beautiful kittens and their mom just sitting patiently,” said Christine.

The mother and kittens were quickly taken into the shelter for health and wellness evaluations. The mama cat and her baby boys will be taken into foster care until old enough for adoption. The kittens are thought to be about 7 weeks old.

“Animal dumping occurs sporadically at the HSSA. As a shelter, although it’s upsetting, we can’t be quick to judge the folks who dumped the cats here rather use this as fuel to educate the community on what responsible pet ownership means,” said Samantha Esquivel, public relations lead for the HSSA.

Every year the Humane Society of Southern Arizona sees an influx of pets during the warmer season. Often times, litters of puppies and kittens will be brought to the shelter not yet weaned from their mothers jeopardizing their very survival. The HSSA looks to its Foster Care Program for support. Volunteers in the Foster Care Program open their homes, hearts and also provide aid to pets that are underage, underweight, sick or injured until they are ready to be adopted.

There are 149 pets currently in foster care, from days-old kittens to dogs that just need some time outside the shelter. HSSA volunteers clocked about 22,806 hours dedicated to fostering in the last fiscal year alone.

To get involved and save a life, contact our volunteer coordinator at (520) 321-3704, ext. 126, or visit

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