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Dangerous, adjective: dan•ger•ous:

Definition of dangerous:

1: able or likely to inflict injury or harm

Closing the golf course; likely to inflict injury or harm on the town. Hiring a Police Chief from the outside; likely to inflict injury or harm on the town. Stopping annexation; likely to inflict injury or harm on the town. Town Council majority; inflicting injury and harm on the town.

—James Prunty, Oro Valley


Well, last week’s town council meeting was repetitive of previous meetings and frustrating as we just need to get this thing done and over with. In talking with those opposed to keeping the golf course and asking the question “Why are you doing this?” I just got blank stares and one strange nonsensical answer from someone I know is very intelligent. I just want a linear park, I was told. My word!

In talking with people from out of the area this is the reaction I got:

Are they crazy? Anyone with any common sense would try to make the golf course 36-hole option work.  Common sense seems to be the missing link here. It’s all pie in the sky, do a study on this and do a study on that, etc. In the meantime, the hearts of the people who have lived and thrived in Oro Valley for years, whether on the golf course or in Rancho Vistoso or south in the older part of town, are torn apart. They are suffering like wounded animals over the idea of our precious landmark being taken away and replaced with a linear park. 

I want to ask those who want this because they want a linear park: When was the last time you walked through Honey Bee Canyon or shot the trails in Catalina State Park or walked through the trails in Copper Creek? When did you last meander through any of the wonderful trails that already surround us? I’ve been to all but Copper Creek in the last couple of months and enjoyed the desert beauty. Why do you want to take a trail that has houses on both sides when you have these beautiful locations to enjoy that bring you right into the desert surroundings? This just doesn’t make any sense at all. Use your heads, town council, and give up your pride and really become heroes and make the 36-hole option work.  And do it now.

—Eileen Eagar, Oro Valley

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