Road Closure

Current road closures in Pima County

Pump Station Road between Avra Valley Road and El Tiro Road

Silverbell Road between Avra Valley Road to Sasco Road

Pima County Road Conditions Update – July 31,  7:30 a.m.

Redington Road MP25 to MP27

Country Club Road at Dawson Road

Sahuarita Road - Houghton Rd. to Wentworth Rd.

Whitehouse Canyon Road - 1st dip south of Valle De Las Rosas

Contractors Wy from Ajo Wy to City Limits (Alvernon Wy)

Alvernon Way between Sahuarita Road to Dawson Road

Hawser Street east of Twin Lakes Drive - ponding water in road

Old Spanish Trail 1st dip east of Camino Del Garanon

Redington Road at MP 3 the base of the road

Sandario Road between Snyder Hill Rd and San Joaquin Rd

Sahuarita Road between Wilmot Road and Alvernon Road

Snyder Hill Road between Sandario Road to Desert Sunrise

Proceed with Caution 

Overton Road at the Canada Del Oro Wash

Snyder Hill Road between Sandario Road to the edge of pavement

Pump Station Road between El Tiro Road and Silverbell Road

El Tiro Road from Cocio Road west past Pump Station Road to end of pavement

Manville Road between Reservation Road and Avra Road

Contractors Way between Ajo Way to Irvington Rd

Contractors Way from Irvington Rd north to Ajo Way

Houghton Rd from Andrade Rd to Sahuarita Rd

Old Ajo Hwy between Ajo Highway and San Joaquin Road

Summit Street at the Franco Wash

Sahuarita Road between Houghton Road and Wilmot Road

Wilds Road in Catalina at the Canada Del Oro Wash

Bonney Avenue at the Earp Wash

Masterson Avenue at the Earp Wash

Old Spanish Trail at the Rincon Creek

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