Assorted School Supplies With Notebooks

The summer heat may still be with us, but summer vacation is rapidly coming to a close, with most local school districts starting up their classes in early August. But never fear: Tucson Local Media is here with your guide to what’s happening in education this year.

Staff reporter Kathleen Kunz looks at how Arizona’s teacher pay remains among the worst in the nation, despite the funding for raises that was approved by the Arizona Legislature last year. Kunz also reports on how an effort to push more education taxes onto Tucson Unified School District residents was rejected by the courts, meaning the state will still have to pick up the bill, as it has done for decades. Associate editor Jeff Gardner looks at how, after years of declining tobacco use, many young people are now taking up vaping e-cigarettes—and what schools are doing about it. Staff reporter Christopher Boan looks at how some athletes have used their summer months to prepare for the upcoming school year. Tucson Local Media intern Ambur Wilkerson visits a local Shark Tank competition featuring local high school students, with our other intern, Meredith O’Neil, sharing what the Amphi Foundation and Interfaith Community Services are doing to ensure all students, no matter what their financial background, have the school supplies they need. 

Plus, Town of Oro Valley spokesman Joe Lunne has some updates about road construction near schools, as well as general tips about driving safely now that the kid are returning to the classroom.

Whether you—or your kids—are just starting kindergarten or launching your senior year of high school, all of us at Tucson Local Media wish you a successful, exciting and fun school year! 

Table of Contents

Arizona schools and teacher pay remain underfunded By Kathleen B. Kunz, Tucson Local Media

Construction junction in Oro Valley By Joe Lunne, Special to Tucson Local Media

Schools adapt to growing vape trends By Jeff Gardner, Tucson Local Media

Community help ensures every child is ready for school By Meredith O’Neil, Special to Tucson Local Media

Pima County and TUSD win desegregation funding lawsuit against the state By Kathleen B. Kunz, Tucson Local Media

High school athletes use summer months to prepare for school year By Christopher Boan, Tucson Local Media

Prepare for 2020 with a school calendar Staff report

Inspiration, from the Class of 2019 By Dave Perry, Special to Tucson Local Media

Local students compete in Junior Shark Tank competition By Ambur Wilkerson, Special to Tucson Local Media


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