Last week, students at the Toscana Studio and Gallery worked diligently on their art projects during the summer art and sculpture camp for children.

One of the campers was working on a charcoal drawing, another was working on a painting, and a third was working on a clay sculpture.

The studio and gallery, located at 9040 North Oracle Road, has 25 more camps for this summer. Each camp ranges in themes and mediums from the art of Japan where they touch on origami, bamboo painting, kite making, and printmaking. Another camp covers modern art while another focuses on clay and sculpture. 

Each camp allows the student to work at his or her pace, all while being taught by instructors in each discipline. 

Linda Ahearn, who instructs some of the camps throughout the summer and runs the studio and gallery, says her camps are a little different than typical art camps.

“Here they get to decide what they want to do,” Ahearn said. “Here they get to use their own creativity to create art. There are no formulas. It’s all about their own creativity and there are a lot of options. 

“I think that is the beauty of this art camp. At some art camps everyone does the same painting or they all do the same sculpture…but here every kid’s experience is unique and individual.”

The $225 camps run Monday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and have a maximum of eight kids.

The Southern Arizona Arts Guild (SAAG) does provide scholarships for the camp for those in need and the gallery offers discounts. SAAG also will host an art show of its members in addition to the youth artists from the Toscana Studio and Gallery Summer Camp and After School Program on Aug. 2, from 5 to 8 p.m., at the organization’s new members art gallery at Casas Adobe Plaza.

For more information about the camp and upcoming shows, visit

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