Police Beat

Asleep at the Wheel

One woman’s nap landed her behind bars after a bit too much drinking in the early morning of Sunday, July 14. According to an Oro Valley Police report, officers responded to a woman asleep behind the wheel at the intersection of North La Cholla Boulevard and West Glover Road with her car still in drive. 

Officers contacted the woman, who was reportedly wearing neon glow stick bracelets on one wrist. She provided her driver’s license, and when asked to turn off her car, she instead turned on the windshield wipers. 

While attempting to administer a roadside sobriety test, an officer observed the woman even had difficulty maintaining her starting position, let alone walking in a straight line and turning. The woman had similar difficulty during a “One Leg Stand” test. Eventually, the officers administered a breath test. The woman’s BAC registered at .158. The woman was then placed under arrest and transported to the Oro Valley police station. Officers then discovered an empty bottle of alcohol on the passenger side of the vehicle. After being processed at the station, she was released to a friend. 


Midnight Munchies

A pair of teens were found driving with THC wax in their car. Just after midnight on Thursday, July 18, an Oro Valley officer pulled over a car for erratic driving. Inside, he found a female driver and male passenger who “appeared to be nervous.” The driver wore a ring with a marijuana design on it, and the officer also spotted a pair of sunglasses adorned with marijuana leaves in the car. They said they were on their way to Taco Bell. 

The officer noticed the scent of marijuana and “vaping odors” in the car. The officer asked the driver to step out of the car, and observed she was also wearing socks with marijuana leafs on them. The officer administered a roadside sobriety test, but was unable to observe any traces of intoxication. 

Upon searching the car, the officer found several vaping cartridges and a device with “TH-420” on it. When asked, the driver said it was her “wax vape.” As the driver was only 16, the officer asked where he got the marijuana vape, and she responded “I don’t have to answer that.” 

Both teens were eventually released to their parents without their vapes. 

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