Adam Kwasman

Adam Kwasman

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While a lot of attention is being paid to the District 8 Congressional race, there is still planning taking place at the state level, especially in District 11.

District 11, which is currently District 26, has plenty of important races coming up in 2012 from the senate to the two seats in the House of Representatives.

Looking to pick up one of those seats is Republican Adam Kwasman, who stands by his conservative values as he seeks his first term in office.

Kwasman said he is not necessarily a Tea Party candidate, but does respect the group’s principles.

Kwasman said the Republican-led state legislature is doing a lot of good things, and he only wants to add to that. With a plan to be a part of the team, Kwasman and state senators Steve Smith and Al Melvin have formed their own District 11 Conservative Team.

Sen. Smith will be running for the second seat in the state house, opting not to run against Melvin in the upcoming elections. Smith is currently the District 23 senator in Maricopa.

In the new legislative boundaries drawn by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, Smith would have had to run against Melvin for reelection this year.

“Steve and I have worked together very well in the Senate, and I think that everyone appreciates him putting the district and the whole Republican Party first,” said Melvin. “The Redistricting Commission has tried very hard to pit Republican versus Republican and they failed in the new LD11.”

Smith said, “In light of the fact that Senator Melvin is now the senior senator in our new district, I feel that it is my responsibility to do whatever it takes to try and keep both of our conservative voices in the Legislature. I am also looking forward to serving with Adam Kwasman. He is an outstanding conservative candidate and he will make an excellent addition to the State Legislature.”

Agreeing with Melvin, Kwasman said, “It is a privilege to be on the same team as these two conservative champions. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the Legislature, the private sector, and the military, and I look forward to working with them to protect the taxpayers, attract more jobs, and keep Arizona’s economic recovery on track.”

The Conservative Team did not list incumbent Rep. Terry Proud as part of the team.

Kwasman, 29, has been actively campaigning even though the elections are in August. The rookie candidate has received endorsements from Attorney Tom Horne, U.S. Congressman Trent Franks, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Oro Valley Councilman Joe Hornat.

Kwasman said he will serve District 11 well because of his background in finance.

Besides the economy, Kwasman said education is going to be a major priority moving forward.

The young candidate said he is also going to push to repeal more laws on the books than he plans to create. Kwasman said government’s role in “our lives should be limited, and not increased.”

Kwasman said he is also pleased that the Arizona Legislature continues to stand up to the federal government, and if elected, he will carry on that fight.

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