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Another Oro Valley resident has been injured Tuesday by a javelina while walking her dog, the third such incident in the Tucson area since March 2017.

The most recent incident happened at 9:30 p.m., Tuesday near East Crown Ridge Drive and East Royal Ridge Drive. The woman, who was knocked to the ground when she tried to avoid two javelina attacking her dog, suffered a minor puncture wound to her left shoulder from one of the javelina.  She was treated at Oro Valley Hospital and released.

Another Oro Valley resident was injured by a javelina last March while walking her dog, and an east-side Tucson resident was injured the same way last May.

“Walking your dog at night is a recipe for a confrontation with javelina, so try to avoid doing so," said Regional Supervisor Raul Vega of Game and Fish in Tucson. "If you see javelina while walking your dog, go in the opposite direction. Javelina can’t tell the difference between a dog and a coyote, which prey on javelina, so they react instinctively to dogs. The presence of dogs is the second leading cause of injuries to humans by javelina, which are rare but can be serious. The leading cause of such injuries is feeding javelina, which is illegal.”

If allowed to interact, dogs and javelina can seriously hurt or kill each other.  Defensive javelina behavior may include charging, teeth clacking or a barking, growling sound. Javelina may also act defensively when cornered, or to protect their young.

For tips on living with urban wildlife, visit www.azgfd.gov/urbanwildlife. To report apparent wildlife violations contact Operation Game Thief at 1-800-372-0500, anonymously if need be.

This news item was originally released by Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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