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If you missed any of today's news, here's a round up of everything we covered Thursday, April 2.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona has grown to 1,598 as of Thursday morning, according to the Arizona Department of Health. Of those cases, 237 are in Pima County. There are 961 cases in Maricopa County, and 114 in Coconino County. The disease has claimed the lives of 32 Arizonans, including 11 in Pima County.

Despite spending the last few weeks of their senior year at home, local high school students and their teachers are still trying to stay positive. 

According to University of Arizona economics professor Price V. Fishback, people are going to need some credit to get through the pandemic and resultant financial struggle.

Pima County Health Department Director Dr. Bob England delivered a plea to day to the community's healthcare professionals: We need your help. England asked any nurse, nursing assistant or related professional who has spare time, was laid off or furloughed to contact the county to offer aid.

In response to a rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 infections and a lack of critical medical supplies at hospitals, a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the University of Arizona is designing and 3D printing medical masks for use at Banner Medical Center and beyond.

In an effort to fill food bowls for those facing hardship, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona is hosting a pet food donation drive this Friday and Saturday. Donations go to the organization’s monthly distribution program.

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