Archery Range

Danny Fapp aims his arrow down range at the Oro Valley Archery Range during the ribbon cutting ceremony one year ago.

file/Randy Metcalf

Staff with the Town of Oro Valley will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Oro Valley Archery Range by giving guests free archery access through the end of the year.

The archery range opened on Nov. 1 of last year through partnerships between the town, Arizona Game and Fish Department, Pusch Ridge Archers, and community members in response to the area population’s growing interest in the sport.

Progress has been steady in the last year as the range continues to be completed.

Complementing 18 fixed targets, a 14-target walking course along the park’s east side was completed in April, and a second walking course, westward, will be completed by the end of November, according to Communications Administrator Misti Nowak.

Each of the courses will have 14 targets that have varying distances of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, and 80 feet. The two courses will have different features, though.

The west course will utilize the existing multi-use path where the archer shoots the target, which faces an open space, walks up to retrieve the arrow and goes back to the path.

This is referred to as an “up and back” course. Alternatively, the east course is known as a “walk through” course, where archers will retrieve their arrow, then walk through to the next target, similar to a golf course, says Nowak.

“The town will also construct a small, one-way, archery-only trail on the west course so that the last four targets are walk-throughs,” said Nowak. “The east course has a combination of targets and is a rougher terrain.”

Flyers for free archery access through the end of the year are being placed in local sporting goods stores.

“The goal is to help raise awareness that the range is open – especially now that we’ve added walking courses,” said Nowak. “Our hope is that archers will give it a try, enjoy it and decide to become regulars.”

In addition to the sporting benefits the range offers to archery hobbyists, Town Manager Greg Caton says another benefit exists – the fact that the archery range aligns with town visions like the Naranja Master Plan.

The Naranja Master Plan was formed by representatives of the Town of Oro Valley, stakeholder groups, and special interest groups, each tasked with the job of understanding the community’s needs and desires for the 213-acre Naranja Town Site.

Caton says the archery range is in compliance with the feedback received by the residents who voiced their ideas for the site.

“This is complementary to the Naranja Master Plan, not in conflict to it,” said Caton. “There have been no modifications to the Master Plan with regards to the archery range.”

Though access will be free, guests who wish to participate at the park are asked to register through the town’s Parks and Recreation Department.

The archery range is open seven days a week, from sunrise or 6 a.m. (whichever is later) to dusk.

Archers of all skill levels are welcome. The range is a bring-your-own-equipment facility.

To contact the Parks and Recreation Department for registration for free access, call 229-5050 or visit 680 W. Calle Concordia. The office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

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