"Kiss and Kill" by Lala Corriere

A local author is receiving national attention after the release of her latest novel.

Oro Valley resident Lala Corriere’s newest publication, “Kiss and Kill,” was recently featured on USA Today’s segment called “Books Recommended for This Weekend.”

While Corriere spent the bulk of her professional career in real estate and interior design, she began writing novels 10 years ago because she felt it was her true calling.

“When I worked in those other professions, I wasn’t passionate about them,” said Corriere. “Writing is what I am passionate about.”

Corriere has since published four books with her fifth, “Bye Bye Bones,” on the way. She describes her work, which is often compared to author Carl Hiaasen, as “suspenseful, with a lot of twists and turns.”

“Kiss and Kill” adheres to that genre. The story follows the life of romance author Chyna Blaze, whose peers are being killed one at a time, and Chyna, who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, becomes a prime suspect of investigating detectives. Like much of Corriere’s other works, “Kiss and Kill” explores the dark underworld of crime and human nature, but through its plot twists and final resolution, also provides a meaningful thematic message.

The 356-page novel was published in April, adding to Corriere’s other completed works that include “Widow’s Row,” “Evil Cries,” and “CoverBoys & Curses.”

Corriere said much of her inspiration comes simply from watching what is happening around her.

“In order to be a writer, you must be an expert in observation,” she said. “When I hear or think of an interesting name, I write it down. Sometimes I’ll catch a small scene, and sometimes I’ll overhear an entire plot. In a writer’s life, you don’t sleep. When an idea hits you, you get out of bed and you write it down on a computer or notebook. Those are the best parts – those ‘A-ha’ moments.”

Corriere was fortunate to be mentored and endorsed by the New York Times Best Seller, Sidney Sheldon, who until his death in 2007, at age 89, had published 18 books and sold more than 300 million copies.  

“I learned a lot from him,” said Corriere. “I learned a lot about how to write dialogue, and I learned a lot about being persistent.”

Corriere has also learned that being a published author these days requires a lot of self-marketing, which, while challenging, does not diminish the reward of a finished novel.

Corriere’s novels can be purchased on Amazon.com, where her writing continues to receive rave reviews.

“I’ve read three of Lala Corriere’s books and I love her choice of unusual topics that she weaves into her story lines,” wrote one reviewer.

“This book involved a character from a previous book, nice transition, and more depth to the character and story. Again, a tough, current subject – her trademark. I went through this book in a couple of days; always the sign of a good read when you choose your book over other entertainment. Bottom line –I’m looking forward to her next book.”

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