Danielle Schroeder

Danielle Schroeder, of Mountain View High School, was honored in January during a University of Arizona Men’s basketball game. Schroeder, along with Diane Swan of Marana High School, are finalists for the Outstanding High School Faculty Award. The Teacher of the Year will be selected from the nine finalists on March 8.

Danielle Schroeder, a Mountain View High School teacher, and Diane Swan, a Marana High School teacher, have been selected as finalists for the Arizona Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Circle K Corporation Outstanding High School Faculty Awards Program, which honors outstanding high school teachers in Southern Arizona.

Schroeder was honored at a pre-game recognition ceremony at the University of Arizona men’s basketball game on Jan. 3.

Swan was honored at a pre-game recognition ceremony at the Arizona men’s basketball game on Feb. 6.

On March 8, these teachers, along with seven other finalists, will be honored during the 18th Annual Outstanding High School Faculty Awards Banquet at the University of Arizona / Jim Click Hall of Champions where the Teacher of the Year will be announced.

Schroeder teaches science at Mountain View High School. Having graduated from Mountain View, she models a passion for her subject area, which spreads to her pupils. Schroeder believes that teaching is much more about trying to interpret the world from the perspective of a student, rather than pouring knowledge from one person to another. Inquiry based instruction and cooperative learning are strategies Schroeder relies on to identify student misconceptions and modify lessons to meet students’ needs. 

Swan teaches Special Education at Marana High School. Swan has a gift of creating lessons in which she is able to engage students by breaking down the curriculum to meet individual and unique needs. It is not uncommon to walk into her room and find her “rapping” a math equation or wearing tin foil on her head, convincing students that learning math is easier with a tin hat. Swan has the ability to motivate her students to take responsibility for their learning and change their own perceptions of their abilities. 

Each year, nine high school teachers from school districts in Southern Arizona are chosen as Outstanding Faculty Members.

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