Oro Valley

Town of Oro Valley residents have turned in their ballots, and results are comiing in from the Pima County Elections Department in the mayoral race, and that of three seats on the Town Council.

Incumbent mayor Satish Hiremath faces off against challenging candidate Joseph Winfield. The two first met in the political arena during the 2015 recall attempt. Winfield dropped out of that race weeks before the election.

As of writing, Winfield leads Hiremath by just over 2,300 votes (7,933 to 5,619). According to Pima County, 98 percent of precincts are reporting.

Incumbent candidates Mary Snider, Lou Waters and Joe Hornat face off against residents Melanie Barrett, Josh Nicolson and Joyce Jones-Ivey—all of whom are running for the first time.

Each of the challenging candidates holds a lead as of 8:26 p.m..

  • Melanie Barrett:7,663 votes (20.25 percent)
  • Joyce Jones-Ivey: 7,287 votes (19.25 percent)
  • Josh Nicolson: 7,008 votes (18.52 percent)
  • Mary Snider: 5,752 votes (15.20 percent)
  • Lou Waters: 5,154 votes (13.62 percent)
  • Joe Hornat: 4,981 votes (13.16 percent)

Residents have also been asked to vote on Prop. 462, or “Home Rule.”

The council placed the Local Alternative Expenditures Limitation on the ballot as a regular course of action. The limitation allows the town to set its own expenditure limit for the town budget.

Prop. 462 has passed: 7,847 "Yes"votes against 3,923 "No" votes.

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