There are some important decisions facing voters come the Nov. 6 General Election, and one big race earning a lot of attention in the Northwest is between Democrat Nancy Young Wright, and Republican candidate Ally Miller who are seeking to replace Ann Day in District 1 of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

While both Miller and Wright agree that jobs are a top priority, the two candidates disagree on almost every other issue.

Miller defeated Mike Hellon, Stuart McDaniel, and State Rep. Vic Williams in the primary election to face Wright, who ran unopposed. While the two agree that certain issues need to be prioritized, their strategies to attacking these issues vary more often than not.

In a debate hosted by local radio personality Bill Buckmaster last week, the difference in principle between the two candidates came through.

When asked why she is running, Miller said when she sees something wrong she goes after it.

For Wright, she said she just wants to put her 30 years of public service to work at the county level where a lot of focus needs to be put on economic recovery, jobs and fixing roads and schools.

While focusing on economic recovery, and bringing more jobs into Pima County, Wright stressed that representatives must still work to preserve the desert.

Miller, on the other hand, said creating jobs is a major priority and the environment isn’t going to be as big of a priority as getting people to work. One major sticking point is the Rosemont Copper Mine, which is looking to work in the Santa Rita Mountains.

“I back Rosemont as long as they are in compliance with state and federal laws,” Miller said.

Wright disagreed, saying Rosemont is going to destroy the Santa Rita Mountains with tailings, and water contamination is a major issue that must be considered before letting such a project move forward.

Wright also questioned the credibility of Augusta Resources, the parent company looking to open the Rosemont Copper Mine.

Currently, the entire Pima County Board of Supervisors objects to Rosemont’s development plans.

In the somewhat heated debate, Miller took the opportunity to attack Wright for her past work with the Amphitheater School District, where accusations center around her putting the pygmy owl ahead of the construction of Ironwood Ridge High School in 2001.

Wright calls the attacks ridiculous, stating she never went against the construction of the high school as her Republican opponent continues to claim. She also stressed that her own children were attending the overcrowded Canyon Del Oro High School, and she knew the importance of getting a new school.

Wright also added that she would not have been reelected to the school board had her decisions been as controversial as Miller claims.

Miller quickly pointed out that Wright may have won school board elections, but she was defeated by Paul Loomis in the Oro Valley Town Council election for mayor. Wright countered, saying she entered the race too late, which played a part in her defeat.

When Buckmaster gave candidates the opportunity to clarify an issue that has been misrepresented in their campaigns, Wright again stressed that the issues regarding her taking an owl’s side over children are false.

Instead of clarifying issues in her own campaign, Miller continued attacking Wright over the construction of the high school in 2001.

Miller did not take the opportunity to clarify the issues surrounding accusations that she has violated election laws. Republicans Mike Hellon, Stuart McDaniel, and now, Wright have filed complaints with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office claiming Miller’s use of signs, photos and ads produced by Tagline Media is illegal, given they were funded by independent contributors to her campaign.

Miller has for the most part ignored the accusations, while Tagline Media has claimed no wrongdoing.

For the debate between Miller and Wright, or other debates with candidates running in county and state races, visit the Buckmaster Show’s website at

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