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Oro Valley’s mayor and council decided last week to retain all of its golf courses, and moved to lease the Pusch Ridge facilities to HSL Properties, the owners of El Conquistador Tucson, A Hilton Resort.

If you’re experiencing a bit of déjà vu, you’re not the only one.

More than a year after former mayor Satish Hiremath and company discussed what was then a roughly $5 million investment into the community center and golf courses during a 2018 study session, current Mayor Joe Winfield and his council decided on a similar course of action—though they’re still ironing out some of the details when it comes to paying for the work.

Much is the same this time around: They’re keeping 36 holes, closing down The Overlook and moving food and beverage operations downstairs and expanding fitness operations. Winfield and his six councilmembers have asked more of the operations, though, in the form of a list of conditions the mayor wants to see the operations follow, or it closes down to 18 holes.

Council is also working out how to fund the improvements. The majority of council is open to the idea of bonding, while councilmember Melanie Barrett remains the lone holdout on sticking to a pay-as-you-go approach.

As someone who does not live in Oro Valley, I’ll leave judging council’s decision to those who will be affected. Those judgments are already rolling in, in the form of letters to the editor—and it seems like some voters feel betrayed by council’s decision.

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For a more detailed breakdown of the Oro Valley council’s decision to retain its golf courses in their entirety, staff reporter Kathleen Kunz delves into one of the council’s longest nights in recent memory in this week’s Our Town section, just adjacent to this column.

And make sure to keep an eye on future editions of the paper. We’re staying close to the source as council decides how to fund their plans.

That’s not all that’s happening around northwest Tucson right now. The American Legion Oro Valley Post 132 is hosting a celebration for the Legion’s centennial, and Marana is breaking ground on a new park in the Honea Heights neighborhood.

But that’s just a taste of the action this week. I’ll leave you to the rest.

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