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An unknown meeting attendee left this sign for others to see after the council meeting last Wednesday.

It seems the same fires of discontent that burned through Oro Valley during the summer of 2015 have found new embers in the past few weeks. Simply put, new councilmembers are sharing their thoughts on the future operations of the golf courses and community center, and plenty of nearby homeowners aren’t happy with what they’re hearing.

That much was clear towards the end of last Wednesday’s meeting at the Church of the Nazarene. After listening to hours of resident testimony and a brief declaration of platitudes by council (which led to a great deal of attendees turning their backs to the mayor and leaving during his remarks), I found a peculiar sign greeting residents heading towards the door.

The word “RECALL” was written in marker and outlined in orange highlighter.

It was not the first time the word was (presumably) directed at Mayor Joe Winfield and his fellow newcomers to the dais in a public setting over the last few weeks: Those who attended the July 16 Budget and Finance Commission will distinctly remember a man storming out of council chambers yelling “recall.”

And based just on the reaction of the crowd last Wednesday, it’s not likely to be the last time.

While it’s unclear as of now what amount of legitimate support such a drive has at this time, it’s abundantly clear that some Oro Valley residents have already made up their minds on the matter.

Such is the way in this town, it seems. 

There’s still some time left before council’s self-imposed deadline to change the face of 45 holes, so keep an eye on future editions as we follow along.

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