Miles Labeling Company fire

The Miles Labeling Company caught fire Tuesday, April 17. No injuries were reported, and crews from Northwest and Golder Ranch fire districts were able to bring the blaze under control.

When PJ Miles received a call from his burglary alarm company at 9:50 p.m. Tuesday night, he figured it was a false alarm. That call turned out to be the just the beginning of Miles’ nightlong nightmare, as he’d soon find out that his family’s 107-year-old printing business was literally on-fire.

Miles Labeling Company’s building, located in the 7700 block of North Business Park Drive, near Cortaro Road and Interstate 10, suffered significant damage after a fire broke out.

Miles said the building has been the company’s home office since 1985, leaving him to deal with insurance companies to see what their next steps will be.

“Our alarm company called me at 10 to 10 thinking it was a burglary situation, but the weird part is there was no broken windows,” Miles said. “My son got here before the PD and Fire, and realized the place was on fire.”

The worst-case scenario for Miles and the company was avoided, according to Northwest Fire District Captain Brian Keeley.

Keeley said the fire, which started in the back warehouse portion of the building, produced a medium to large-sized fire.

Keeley’s crew had to leave the building momentarily after a portion of the roof collapsed, but that they were able to eventually bring the flames under control.

No one was injured during the fire, which Keeley called a saving grace for all involved, though there is much work to be done.

“We made that attempt and went into the building to try to put to a stop the fire where it was at,” Keeley said. “But unfortunately, the fire had progressed so much by the time that we arrived on the scene we had to pull back into a defensive position. Nobody was hurt, which is always our top priority. A large portion of the business was able to be saved despite the conditions.”

The fire’s exact cause is still under investigation, Keeley said, with an exact damage estimate unknown as of publication.

For Miles, the saving grace is that most of the business’ longtime home was spared, and that many of his friends from the local Centurion club have called to offer their support.

“Thank God for friends, family and great vendors, because that’ll be our savior,” Miles said. “My Centurion buddies have been fabulous. I think over half the membership have called me, offering to help in whatever way possible.”

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