Obama and Five Presidents

WASHINGTON - - JAN 7: (L-R) Former President George H.W. Bush, President-elect Barack Obama, President George W. Bush, former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office at the White House, January 7, 2009, (David Hume Kennerly).

The work of Pulitzer Prize winning photographer David Hume Kennerly is coming to Tucson after The University of Arizona Center for Creative Photography acquired the archive of his work.

Kennerly’s images have appeared in hundreds of publications around the world, including on the covers of Time, Newsweek and Life. He has photographed 10 U.S. presidents, from Lyndon B. Johnson to Donald Trump, and leading world figures including Queen Elizabeth II, Mikhail Gorbachev, Anwar El Sadat, Fidel Castro, Deng Xioping and many others.

Spanning more than 50 years of history dating from 1965, the David Hume Kennerly archive features nearly one million images, prints, objects, memorabilia, correspondence and documents. It includes iconic portraits of U.S. presidents, world leaders, celebrities and individuals, as well as personal correspondence and mementos such as the helmet and cameras that Kennerly used while photographing the Vietnam War.

"The extraordinary archive of photos by David Hume Kennerly is an asset for scholars, students and visitors to campus. His visual legacy will be an integral part of our curriculum," said University of Arizona President Robert C. Robbins in a statement. "He is already working with the Center for Creative Photography to create programming that will draw on his experience and expertise and will spark conversations throughout our campus and broader community."

In conjunction with the acquisition of the archive, the Center for Creative Photography opened a year-long exhibition, David Hume Kennerly: Witness to History, Wednesday, Oct. 11. A talk with Kennerly and fellow Pulitzer Prize winner Jon Meacham will be held at 7 p.m. at the University of Arizona. They will introduce the university's In the Room series, which shares firsthand accounts of being "in the room" where history was being made. The event takes place at Centennial Hall, 1020 E. University Blvd.

"The Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona is the pinnacle of photographic institutions. Their dynamic leadership values the importance of images, and they are committed to incorporating them into the wider curriculum at the university," Kennerly said, in a release.

"Having my archive join the work of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and so many other great photographers at the CCP is hands-down one of the most exciting and satisfying moments of my life."

The University of Arizona Center for Creative Photography is located at 1030 N. Olive Road. Find more information online at kennerly.ccp.arizona.edu or over the phone at 621-7968.

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