Tucson is consistently top rated for outdoor activity, yet there have been a number of cyclist and pedestrian fatalities this year. That’s why Allstate has teamed up with Tucson officials and safety partners to create “Tucson On 2”, a bike and pedestrian safety campaign aimed at saving lives through targeted education, awareness and enforcements efforts. Tucson On 2 kicks off Dec. 10 at Santa Rita Park, with the permanent installation of two solar-powered bike and pedestrian warning signal signs, a series of bus-stop advertisements and a safety kit giveaway.

The stretch of 22nd Street where the signs will be installed has been the scene of pedestrian fatalities. The solar-powered blinking signs, along with the bus stop ads throughout the city, will serve as a reminder for drivers to look twice for Tucsonans traveling on two wheels or two feet. The 100 free safety kits will include reflective backpacks, LED arm bands, clip-on flashing lights and safety tips for bikers and walkers.

“Allstate’s Tucson On 2 campaign can save lives by making walkers, riders and drivers more aware and respectful of each other,” said Edmund Marquez, a Tucson bicyclist and an Allstate agency owner. “We want everyone to be more vigilant about looking twice for people on two wheels or two feet. The signs, ads and safety kits are a strong start to creating safer streets in Tucson.”

Allstate worked with Tucson traffic authorities to determine the most impactful sign designs and installation locations, and ways to promote bike and pedestrian safety throughout the city. Tucson On 2 will continue to unfold in 2014 and beyond through concerted efforts by Allstate, the city of Tucson, the Tucson Police Department and Living Streets Alliance nonprofit organization. Plans include: a series of safety ads, sign installations, crosswalk “sting” operations, additional safety kit giveaways, and distribution of thousands of window clings to urge Tucson drivers to watch for Tucsonans on two wheels or two feet. 

“Look twice, Tucson, is the message we want every Tucsonan, of all ages, to get,” said Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild. “These three words that can help lead the way toward zero cyclist and pedestrian fatalities in our community.”

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