Ken Bennett

More than 70 families previously subjected to domestic violence, sexual, or stalking offenses have kept their residence addresses out of the hands of the general public and that of the perpetrator thanks to a program administered by the Office of the Secretary of State.

For more than a year, the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) has assisted participants through providing a legal alternative to listing their home, work or school address on applications, forms or records; including court documents, employment applications, driver license, voter registration, and more. Instead participants list a substitute address that becomes the participant's lawful address of record, thus keeping their residence a safe haven. Participant’s mail goes to the substitute address and is then forwarded to the participant’s confidential address.

“Protecting the addresses for victims of domestic violence, sexual, or stalking offenses is essential for them to keep them and their family’s safe,” said Secretary of State Ken Bennett. “Our office appreciates the support and cooperation we have received from other state agencies, the courts, and law enforcement to make the ACP possible.”

The ACP program is offered to participants at no charge as it is funded through a $50 fine assessed on all individuals convicted of sexual offenses, stalking, and domestic violence crimes.

Male or female victims of domestic violence, sexual or stalking offenses are eligible for the program. Applicants may apply for the ACP through more than 180 application assistants from various victim service agencies across the state.

For more information about the ACP or where to find an application assistant, contact the Office of the Secretary of State at (602) 542-1653, or visit

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