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Something’s Fishy

The letters in the Sept. 16 Explorer edition by James Prunty and Don Cox revealed that their letters had been “arranged” by someone on the town council who needs to discredit incoming council member Tim Bohen.  My bet is that Councilmember Solomon was the ringleader arranging these letters since Councilmembers Rodman and Pina are leaving office in a few weeks and no longer have a horse in the race.

It was obvious that Prunty and Cox had been given “talking points” to use in the letters as both letters contained the exact same wording describing a speech given at the Sept. 2 Town Council meeting by Councilmember-Elect Tim Bohen. That wording was, “Mr. Bohen accused town staff of altering a document and falsifying the information being presented.”

There is no way that two people would use the exact same phrasing unless it had been provided to them in advance.

They both went on to attack Bohen’s character.  Prunty called him a bully.  Cox called him an angry man.  This is especially amusing in light of their multiple Explorer letters and social media posts where they engage in bullying and name-calling to the point that Cox has been banned from two social media blogs.  And let’s not forget the town council videos revealing Councilmember Solomon’s multiple angry outbursts.

So why are Prunty and Cox just fine with Solomon’s toxic behavior?  It’s because Cox and Solomon are both pro-development and Solomon has fought to protect Prunty’s golf course views at the expense of Oro Valley taxpayers.

Perhaps next time, Prunty and Cox will be smart enough to coordinate their letters so that they don’t end up looking so foolish.

Diane Peters

Oro Valley Resident


McSally Mania

As a retired attorney and judge, I am voting for Martha McSally for the U.S. Senate.

First, she is a person of integrity and principles, a thoughtful person who thinks for herself, a hard worker, and is committed to the rule of law and equality of all before the law. Her care for all Arizonians and hard work are proven by her ranking as the 6th most bipartisan Senator, and tying for the most bills signed into law during her first year as a Senator.

She helped save the A-10 with its jobs, and supports our military preparedness. She also believes in bringing outsourced jobs back to the U.S., and ending our dependence on China for medical and high tech related items while simultaneously increasing manufacturing in the U.S.

We can all be proud of her, and she has proven she deserves our vote in these troubled times.


William Bontrigger

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