The gem and mineral show has become one of the staple events in the Tucson region. Multiple times a year, vendors, collectors and tens of thousands of visitors flock to Tucson to peruse through thousands of rock samples, gems, stones, fossils and other interesting specimens. For those interested in paleontological displays, the 22nd Street location is hosting an impressive collection of various dinosaurs, courtesy of Triebold Paleontology.

Whether a vicious looking Pliosaur or a menacing Albertosaurus, dino-fans will find something to sate their curiosity. Mike Triebold, founder and president of Triebold Paleontology, said he began his paleontological work more as a hobby, though it quickly turned into a    passion and career.

Triebold will be displaying one of his most recent finds, a new species, at the pavilion this year. The specimen is a Ceratopsian discovered in the Upper Judith River region in Montana. Nicknamed “Äva,” the dinosaur roamed the Earth about 75 million years ago.

Ava is similar to the Triceratops, though the horns are much closer together than its more well-known relative. 

Most of the dinosaurs Triebold displays originated from the late cretaceous period, around 100 million years ago. While the displays are complete skeletal structures, they are not found in such pristine condition and take a lot of work to reach a presentable state. 

More often than not, the fossils are found crushed and partially destroyed. Triebold paleontologists work with crews at the company’s base in Colorado to process, reassemble and mold the remains, and then produce the molds for events like the gem and mineral show. Triebold also sells specimens privately.

The 22nd Street Mineral and Fossil Show is located at 600 West 22nd Street, on the North side of 22nd Street, just East of I-10. For information on Triebold Paleontology, visit

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