Topgolf Photobooth

The photo booth from our nonprofit event at Topgolf.

Last week, the Tucson Local Media family spent a few hours on the green whacking golf balls with abandon at Topgolf in Marana. While that alone constitutes a good time, we were there for a good cause: Supporting our local nonprofits.

It’s been a longstanding tradition around our office (and one of my personal passions) to work with nonprofit organizations throughout Pima County in a variety of ways, with the ultimate goal being to improve the quality of life for residents throughout the region, support those who cannot support themselves and maybe add a few smiling faces to the citizenry along the way.

That mission came to a head last week at Topgolf, when more than 100 representatives and friends of more than five dozen nonprofits gathered at the Marana-based golf amusement center for an afternoon of barbecue, conversation and, of course, hitting the range—all to thank these volunteers for the work they put in every day, often with little to show for it.

Or, as Tucson Local Media Associate Publisher Casey Anderson put it, we “wanted to give these selfless nonprofit staffers a day of fun for all they do for our community.”

The day at Topgolf was just one of many ways that Tucson Local Media works with area nonprofits, and we’re developing a few new projects to further the mission.

Next month, as part of a special issue, our Inside Tucson Business publication will dig into the challenges that nonprofits face in the modern world, whether that be funding, regulations, finding volunteers or just getting their message out into the community.

Inside Tucson Business will also be launching a new recurring feature spotlighting local nonprofits, and for that we need your help. If you’ve ever worked or volunteered for, received benefits from or just heard about the beneficial work performed by a nonprofit anywhere in the metro region, let us know! With the help of our loyal readers we hope to not only shine a light on the big names in Tucson, but also those smaller organizations we may not know about.

Inquiries, submissions and anything else you’ve got on your mind can be sent to my email at

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