Two 14-year-old Oro Valley teens were found by Oro Valley Police Department on Dec. 1 after going missing from Canyon Del Oro High School on Nov. 22.

Isabelle “Izzy” Kring and Jade Inniss have returned safely to Oro Valley after OVPD picked them up late Monday night. According to family members, the girls are currently with OVPD and an investigation is underway.

“We’re just waiting to see what's the next step, what's going to happen, how we get through this as a family and start some healing,” Inniss’s aunt, Elizabeth Jimenez-Vasquez, said.

Many in the community banded together to help find the girls. A Facebook group was organized to share the girls’ stories on social media called “Find Izzy Kring & Jade Inniss.” One community member as part of the group created a prepay print service fund with local business owner Josh Baker of AIM Mail Center to print flyers with the girls’ images.

“Words can barely express how thankful we are that so many organizations and people stepped in to help us in this incredibly scary and confusing time,” Kring’s aunt Yvonne Daugherty said.

After the girls’ disappearance, the families searched CDO High School and neighboring areas, asking for security camera footage. This case did not qualify for an Amber alert because there were no descriptions of a vehicle associated with their disappearance. People who participated in the searches found Kring’s smashed cellphone on Sunday in a parking lot trash can behind CDO. Police took this into evidence. OVPD Sgt. Amy Graham said the girls were labeled as runaways rather than missing, so they didn’t organize large-scale searches. OVPD continued to monitor phone activity while the girls’ locations were unknown.

Community tips said the girls may have been picked up by an unidentified male from CDO High School, but these rumors were unsubstantiated. Daugherty said there were no eyewitness accounts of how the girls left campus. OVPD, Tucson Police Department, Homeland Security Investigations, Pima County Sheriff’s Department, and a private investigator with the nonprofit Anti-Predator Project were assisting the family.

Both families said they would appreciate some space as the investigation continues.

“The family is beyond grateful and thankful to law enforcement as well as thousands of people who cared enough to pray, volunteer, get the word out, and send in leads,” Daugherty said.

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