Reuniting after 40 years

SaddleBrooke resident Marty Riegler, right, and her biological daughter Sue reunited after 40 years. Since 2009, the two have stayed in contact with each other and visit each other once or twice a year.

Courtesy Photo

Adoptions aren’t like they used to be and the ways in which people find each other years later has changed as well.

In the case of SaddleBrooke resident Marty Riegler and her daughter Sue, they waited until the adoption records were made public. She then used a search engine on the Internet, found a match in an obituary, which showed that Marty lived in SaddleBrooke.

With that, a search with the name and location gave Sue an art guild, which Marty was a member of. From there, Sue got Marty’s email address from a member.

With the help of technology and find-your-birth-parents websites at ones fingertips, coupled with the fact many traditional adoptions these days are open adoptions. There is an open line of communication between the adoptive family and the birth mother.

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