Marana continues to grow and stay strong, Mayor Ed Honea stressed during the annual State of the Town event on Friday.

With more than 400 in attendance, Honea previewed developments coming to Marana, and touted the growth the town has enjoyed during the last year. The event was hosted at the Highland at Dove Mountain.

Honea focused on the need for smart planning to be the community of excellence. In that strong planning, Honea stressed that continually updating the town’s strategic plan is the foundation to meeting needs.

One of the pivotal aspects of community success is commerce. Honea said Marana continues to see strong economic progress during the last few years.

In the coming year, Honea highlighted plans to build one of the largest retail centers in Southern Arizona, starting with a strip mall being constructed at Twin Peaks and Interstate 10. The project will come to be known as the Marana Center.

The town is also working with Pinal County to do a master plan for the airpark.

As progress continues, Honea said in order to be the best, the town must continually write and rewrite code to support development, growth and meeting success in having a safe and healthy community.

As Marana continues planning, changing and moving forward – Honea compared the process to Disney Land. 

“The attention to detail, the great feeling you have when you are in a special place,” Honea said.

Besides economic success, Honea said the town continues to take pride in being clean. Part of that means the investment to clean 17 miles of Interstate 10.

“We don’t have to do it, but it makes Marana more of a special place,” Honea said. 

Safety is also a key to continued success in Marana, with a police department that answers every call, and has earned a strong reputation not only in the region, but also in the state.

“Like Disney Land, it takes time to create a perfect sense of place,” Honea said. 

That sense of place includes the town having a close partnership with the Marana Unified School District.

“A great community needs a great school district,” Honea said.

To promote the good aspects of Marana, in the coming year, Honea said the town would be creating a tourism department. New employees will be tasked with promoting the town.

The goal is to have tourists stay in Marana while touring the entire region.

In community improvements, Honea said the town would be investing in recreation in the coming year, noting that it’s the “cap stone of the strategic plan.”

One of those developments will be the Heritage River Park, a four-phase project that will consist of 105 acres east of Interstate 10.

The first phase will be a community garden, which Honea said is another reason Marana is quickly becoming a special place to live.

To end, Honea stressed that Marana has become a community where growth, progress, safety and recreation has made it a great place to live.

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Len Paradise

The town leaders are out of control with their so called vision for the town. They Will Not listen to the residence on matters, they circumvent meeting laws with developers and pass zoning changes in neighborhoods that totally oppose the zoning changes that will RUIN the area. please see for details.

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