Development is planned for property near the intersection of Moore Road and La Cañada Drive.

Plans for three subdivisions in Rancho Vistoso have cleared the town of Oro Valley.

The Town Council unanimously approved the conceptual site plans and landscape plans for developments at Rancho Vistoso Boulevard and Moore Road, La Cañada Drive and Moore, and within the Stone Canyon area at its July 1 meeting.

The largest and densest of these is at the northeast corner of Rancho Vistoso and Moore, where Mattamy Homes intends to develop 119 lots on 48 acres, with lots ranging in size from 4,000 to 6,500 square feet. Single-family homes will be attached in clusters of up to six. The gated community will include a small recreation area with pool, ramada, picnic tables and barbeques.

In a related item, the council approved a revision to the General Plan that required the landowner to build a 6.9-acre park in the neighborhood. That condition was part of the 2009 General Plan, when the land had a single owner. It has since been sold off to several different owners, making a fair development of the park complicated. Also, the original park location in the middle of Big Wash was convenient when it was adjacent to a school site along the original alignment of Moore Road. This location became less viable with the new alignment of Moore and the relocation of the school site.

Mattamy Homes is still required to provide a proportionate share of the park. Future developers in the area will also be responsible for their proportionate share of the park.

The council also OK’d an open space trade for the neighborhood, which tabs 4.2 acres of fragmented, previously disturbed open space land for residential development, allowing another 4.2 acres of untouched land that is more contiguous to the open space network to remain undisturbed.

Planned for the northwest corner of La Cañada and Moore is a small, 29-lot subdivision over about 20 acres. Lots will be a minimum of 14,520 square feet, or roughly a third of an acre; the density of the subdivision is 1.4 homes per acre. The town requires conservation easements to preserve a natural wash and open space zoning, plus a 100-foot wide buffer yard along the west property line abutting La Cholla Airpark, as the subdivision is located immediately east of the airpark’s emergency runway.

The Stone Canyon project will feature 38 lots on 51 acres north of Tortolita Mountain Circle, a quarter-mile west of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard. The average lot size is about half an acre, and 21 acres of the total subdivision will be left as open space. 

Most of the numerous rock outcroppings in the area will be preserved.

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