Marana Shooting

Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema is speaking out about an incident involving a local woman shaming customers at a north Marana fast food restaurant in response to a former employee’s behavior toward an officer weeks ago.

“I don’t do this often, but I feel compelled to weigh in personally on an incident that was brought to light this past weekend involving one of our officers and a local business,” Rozema posted on the department’s Facebook account. “I’m taking the time to weigh in on this, not because I think the teenager’s behavior was so outrageous, but because I’ve been discouraged by the reaction of a number of people in our community.” 

The woman in question apparently yelled at the store’s customers, called for the store to be burnt down and said she hoped the store would be robbed and Marana officers would refuse to investigate. Her anger stemmed from a prior incident where a Jack in the Box employee apparently said “oink, oink” to another employee after a Marana Police officer placed an order. The original incident happened nearly a month ago, according to a Marana Police Department post. 

“Look, I get it, the comment by the teenager in question was wrong, but the degree to which some people are name-calling and attacking the young man and the business is equally, if not more, damaging,” the chief wrote. “Rather than judging and hating on this kid and the restaurant employees, I’d like to encourage everyone to view this situation as a teachable moment and to meet others with compassion as opposed to condemnation.”

The teenage employee was relieved of his duties at Jack in the Box over an unrelated incident a couple of weeks ago, according to the post. 

Rozema is asking the town to give the teenager and the north Marana restaurant a break over the perceived slight toward the officer. 

“If any one of us were judged by the dumbest, most ignorant, and insensitive things any one of us has ever said in our lifetimes – we’d all be condemned,” Rozema wrote. “I’m confident we’re better than this Marana.”  


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