Resident involvement is the easiest way to keep a region clean and free of debris.

The Town of Marana is dedicated to providing an unparalleled quality of life to our residents, businesses and visitors. From highly visible services like road preservation, parks and recreation and public safety, to day-to-day operations like development services and code enforcement, customer service is our number one priority. This includes working with the public to achieve a beautiful community. 

Town of Marana code enforcement officers provide residents with the highest quality service to protect public health, safety and welfare. Blight conditions in neighborhoods and business districts can negatively impact property values, encourage crime and discourage other homeowners, business owners and tenants from maintaining their own properties. It is our mission to prevent this from happening, and encourage everyone to keep Marana an attractive place to live, work and play.

It takes a town to keep our community clean. Here are some ways you can help: 

Help keep our town free of graffiti and other vandalism. If you see any graffiti or vandalism please notify the Town of Marana. You can also report it by downloading the My Marana app, available via Google Play or the App Store. The Town Code does require that all graffiti on your property to be abated within ten days. Quick cleanups will send the message that Marana is proud of its community and vandalism in any form is not acceptable.

Ensure your property is free of weeds, uncultivated vegetation and refuse. Help keep our town beautiful by cutting weeds exceeding nine inches in height, removing dead trees/shrubs and preventing vegetation that interferes with sidewalk space or roadway. It is always a good idea to bag garbage before putting it in trash cans, and please make sure that trash, unsanitary and unsightly items do not accumulate on your property.

Help keep Marana’s roadways safe and accessible by never parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, on a sidewalk, within an intersection or alley way or in any manner that obstructs sight visibility near an intersection. Commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking on the street within a residential area, unless that vehicle is actively engaged in official business. For example, the loading of a moving truck, delivery of furniture/parcels and similar activity. Town code does allow the temporary parking of recreational vehicles on the street so long as traffic is not obstructed. This parking shall not extend beyond 72 hours and is designed to afford our residents the ability to load/unload their recreational vehicles or provide temporary parking for visitors.

Residents may have up to two inoperable or junked vehicles on the property as long as they are properly screened from public view. This can be accomplished by keeping an inoperable vehicle within an enclosed garage, under a carport and covered with a proper car cover or by storing it behind a solid wall that completely blocks the view of the vehicle from adjacent properties. Storage of inoperable or junked vehicles in the driveway or roadway is prohibited in an effort to maintain the aesthetics and cleanliness of the neighborhood.

When water escapes from your property, it can create a potentially hazardous condition on the streets and sidewalks and cause damage to your neighbor’s property. Most of all, it is a waste of a precious resource. When draining pools, ensure the water is free from chemicals, with a neutral pH (between 6.5 and 7.5).

Marana is a beautiful community, and as employees of the town we pride ourselves on helping our residents and business owners maintain and enhance our very special place we call home.  Need assistance or have a question? Contact a code enforcement officer by phone at 382-2520 or by email at

Should you like to view the various codes in their entirety for yourself they can be found at

Lisa Shafer is the Town of Marana Community and Neighborhood Services Director.

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