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Get us know where to shop in Tucson for the best gifts.

Trash those Jack-O-Lanterns and bust out your menorahs and Christmas trees! The holiday season is officially upon us. 

Even though snow rarely graces this part of the desert, Tucsonans are already decorating their saguaros with lights and wreaths, defying the warm weather with their winter spirit.

Here at Tucson Local Media, we’re all about the holiday cheer, but there’s another part of the season we know can create a bit of stress—on your mind and your wallet.

I’m talking about buying presents for your friends, coworkers and loved ones, a monumental task for some (and a breeze for the lucky ones who seem to just understand what everyone wants to unwrap). 

From the latest tech gadgets and accessories to finding what’s cool or hip for teenagers, holiday shopping is tough for customers and retailers alike as we all search for the perfect present.

Worry no more. We’re here to help.

Coming later this month is our annual Holidaze edition, your guide to the festivities and must-buy presents for the holiday season. These gifts won’t come from Amazon or big box stores, however, because we also care about investing in our local economy. And that’s where you come in.

If there’s a locally owned retailer you believe has the best selection of cool knickknacks, collectibles or just about anything else—let us know! The input of our readership has proven invaluable over the years as we develop our handy guides to Tucson, and I’m excited to see what great places you consider the best spot to shop.

As always, feel free to send your submissions to me at logan@tucsonlocalmedia.com or call our office at 797-4384 and ask for my desk line. Keep an eye out Nov. 20 for this year’s Holidaze edition, the definitive calendar and gift guide.

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