French Soccer

After a very entertaining World Cup, we finally have a new champion.

Two decades after their first win, the French national team was able to secure its second World Cup victory.

After their last victory in 2006, and two disappointing outings in 2010 and 2014, the French team took its time to get back to the top. France beat Croatia, 4-2, to win it all in one of those games where the score does not really reflect the way the game was played.

In their first World Cup final appearance, Croatia controlled most of the game. The match included two very controversial calls by referees that led to the first two goals for the French: The first was a foul call that did not actually occur, and another leading to Croatia scoring in their own net. 

Even though Croatia was losing most of the game, it never seemed like they were giving up. They tried to even the score, but the French team was decisive throughout the game.

This was a hard cup for goalkeepers. Some made huge mistakes were made in the group stages, and the final was no exception.

France is a legitimate winner. They have a great team with great talent, and they played against very difficult teams. That doesn’t mean they played the best, but at the end of the day, soccer is not about playing well. It’s about scoring goals.

Now, another World Cup tournament full of excitement and surprises has come to an end, and the wait for the next champion will take a few years longer as we all wait for Qatar 2022.

So, to all the soccer fans: The World Cup 2022 countdown begins now.

Maria Angulo is a Northern Arizona University journalism student and Tucson Local Media intern.

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