Town of Marana

No project will have a bigger impact on Marana than the Ina Road Traffic Interchange Project. The project will build an overpass over I-10 and the Union Pacific Railroad and widen I-10, similar to recent projects at Prince Road and Miracle Mile. The project will shut down the Ina on and off ramps for nearly two years beginning Feb. 15.

Having Ina go over the freeway and the railroad tracks is a key part of the project to help alleviate traffic congestion in an area where trains often block traffic.

Other parts of the project include the widening of I-10 to to accommodate four lanes, although the traffic will be kept to three lanes until similar projects are completed in the future. The town of Marana is also piggybacking a second project in the area with improvements to Ina Road west of the freeway to Silverbell. The biggest portion of this project will be rebuilding the bridge over the Santa Cruz and widening Ina to two lanes in each direction between the freeway and Silverbell.

The Tangerine Road Improvement Project also continues in 2017. The project, a partnership between Marana, Oro Valley, Pima County and the Regional Transportation Authority, will make improvements to Tangerine Road from Dove Mountain/Twin Peaks to La Cañada Drive.

The project will widen the roadway to four lanes, provide pedestrian and bicycle facilities and install turn lanes, signals and wildlife crossings. There are several goals for the project; the biggest is to make the trek from Oracle to I-10 on Tangerine go much quicker, avoiding traffic delays.

In addition to widening the road to four lanes, the project will flatten the road, removing the dips and giving it all weather access.

A third project in the area will occur simultaneously, though will last a much shorter duration. Pima County will widen a stretch of Cortaro Road near Oldfather Road.

Marana has long term plans to develop Northern Marana, especially the Main Street area. The first stage of that project is to re-route the Marana Road Interchange. The redesign will serve a few purposes which will make changes to how motorists exiting the Marana Road Interchange connect with the area roadways. The current configuration is often confusing and can lead to accidents as to get from the freeway to Marana Road, drivers have to get onto Sandario for a few hundred feet and then turn onto Marana Road.

In the new configuration the interchange will connect directly to Tangerine Farms Road which will eventually become a loop connecting Tangerine Road to Tangerine Farms to Main Street.

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Does the eventual Tangerine Farms interchange mean that the Marana Rd exit off I10 will go away? That would be very inconvenient for north Marana/Avra Valley folks!!

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