PCC Downtown Campus

PCC Downtown Campus

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Pima Community College’s value to the community is rated as “excellent” or “good” by 88 percent of Pima County residents responding to a survey of public perceptions about PCC and higher education.

The randomly selected 500-person phone survey of adult Pima County residents, conducted in April 2014, is PCC’s first public perception survey in several years. The results will provide the basis for improved marketing communications and methods, starting with the fall enrollment campaign.

The survey was crafted and administered by FMR Associates in association with Gordley Group, a local firm with a longstanding relationship with PCC. FMR is a Tucson-based firm whose more than 600 clients include The University of Arizona, City of Tucson and the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The survey has a statistical error limit of plus or minus 4.5 percent. The complete survey and an analysis of the results can be read here.

PCC’s top qualities, according to the survey:

  1. Overall value of PCC to the community, rated as “excellent” or “good” by 88 percent.
  2. Convenience of College locations, 86 percent
  3. Range of classes and programs, 84 percent
  4. Diversity of the student population, 83 percent
  5. Overall value students receive for tuition, 80 percent

Other notable findings:

  • When asked for ways to improve PCC, 39 percent said they did not know or had no opinion. Of those with a response, 7 percent cited restructuring the Governing Board and PCC management.
  • When asked to offer a top-of-mind impression about PCC, 25 percent categorized the school as “great.” Seven percent cited transfer opportunities, followed by tuition, the breadth of courses and programs, and “terrible” management/administration/faculty, each cited by 6 percent.
  • The most important factor influencing choice of a higher education institution is quality of faculty, cited by 26 percent, followed by transferability of credits, 13 percent.
  • Most important people or message-based factor influencing choice of a higher education institution is personal experiences or impressions, cited by 43 percent, followed by recommendations from current students or alumni, 17 percent.
  • The best way to receive information about PCC is the PCC website, www.pima.edu, cited by 46 percent of respondents, followed by TV (24 percent), home mailings of PCC class schedules (23 percent), radio (17 percent), local newspapers (17 percent) and CareerFocus (16 percent.) PCC mails CareerFocus, which contains news and information about career development opportunities at PCC, to Pima County residents before the start of the Spring and Fall semesters.

Through Sept. 15, members of the public who wish to participate in an online version of the survey can do so at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PCCSPRNG2014

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