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As much as I appreciate the mayor and town council’s majority vote on maintaining and enhancing our busy 36-hole public golf courses and active community center, I think the real heroes in Oro Valley are our town manager, Mary Jacobs, and her wonderful, talented staff. 

Throughout the entire debate over keeping or closing the public golf courses and updating the community center, Ms. Jacobs and her staff have maintained a professionalism seldom seen in municipal governments, let alone corporate boardrooms. Her dedication to providing the mayor, town council and Oro Valley citizens with the facts, complex financial analyses and insightful recommendations on this issue in an unwavering manner—even in the face of challenge and criticism during the open town council meetings—has been extraordinary.

We are so lucky and privileged to have her and her staff representing our beautiful town and protecting the true interests of its citizens. 

Thank you, Mary. Keep up the amazing work you and your team are doing.

—Jane Shurtleff, Tucson


Last Wednesday night’s approval for the 36-hole golf course is further evidence to me that I should never have supported Joe Winfield for his mayoral candidacy. The town will continue to lose significant amounts of money through this approval. Only the vice mayor was willing to stand up for an issue that she campaigned on last year.

Not only has Mayor Winfield lost my total confidence, I’m sure the majority of the citizens in Oro Valley that voted for him will feel the same way. There were two major issues that were driving last year’s election: overdevelopment of the community and a significant reduction or total elimination of the number of golf course holes. I believe the jury is still out on the development issue. However, because of Mayor Winfield’s lack of leadership we now are stuck with the 36 holes of golf for 240 members of our community.

In addition, Winfield going into the post-election with a majority of council members supporting the elimination or reduction of the number of golf course holes has effectively split his majority. That’s a rare feat in today’s political environment. 

Thanks, Joe, you accomplished the feat I didn’t think you were capable of in Oro Valley.

—Jim Horn, Oro Valley


Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is, the fate of the golf course has moved from limbo to another but sheltered indeterminate state. The bad news, we still have Joe Winfield and Melanie Barrett. They cannot be relied on as honest or truthful. Like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, they represent trickery, say one thing but doing another. The damage they have reeked onto Oro Valley will take years to rectify.

I believe the golf courses proved to be the “third rail” of Oro Valley politics. The clear absence of support the Four Horsemen of the El Conquistador had for closing the courses was obviously supplanted by the overpowering support confirmed by the community.

Joe Winfield is a “process” person. The process is more important than the result. He breaks things so he can take credit for fixing them. He has no concept of the “big picture” and fails to notice the most important facts about a situation and the future effects of that situation on other things. 

Stupidity is the same as evil if you judge by the results.

—James Prunty, Tucson

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