Andy and Katie Kosecki moved to Tucson fleeing the cold of their Wisconsin colleges. Katie landed a teaching job, while Andy worked in a few managerial positions for a few years. 

Both were eventually interested in operating a franchise, and a little over a year later, they cut the ribbon in front of their own Which Wich sandwich shop location in Oro Valley.

“We had Which Wich in Wisconsin, and I remember loving it,” Katie said. “So we looked into opening our own location, and it turned out their corporate side is awesome.” 

The process began last February. The couple went through three weeks of training at Which Wich university in Dallas. Which Which interviewed the Koseckis. The Koseckis interviewed Which Wich. It was a match.

“They have a great support system, and are really good at being productive,” Andy said. “They’re always up for new ideas.” 

Their opening day was May 9, and they had plenty of business, both from customers and from the Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“So far, the community has been awesome for us.” Katie said. “People have been calling and asking, ‘When are you open people have been driving by and looking in our store. And so many showed up for our opening day.”  

Andy said it was busy but very good, and that he tried to embrace as much of the chaos as he could. 

But with the Baggins and Beyond Bread sandwich chains already managing strong footholds throughout the greater Tucson area, can a third bread-builder hope to compete? (Well, for one, Which Wich doesn’t start with a “B”, so at least there’s that.) As for the actual competition, the Koseckis aren’t particularly concerned.

“Other sandwich shops are similar to us, but we try to create an atmosphere that’s different than any other.” Andy said. 

Aside from the atmosphere, Andy also said a focus on service and how the staff interacts with the customers sets them apart. For one, they have a greeter at the door that helps customers with the ordering process, if needed.

“We’re also a bit less expensive than others,” Katie said. “And we have so much customization. Our process is just generally different.” 

Although it’s only just begun, Andy and Katie are looking forward with big plans. They are already working to open a second location elsewhere in Tucson within the next few years.

“There’s really no timeline,” Katie said. “We’re just going to get comfortable with this first location and then see where we go—maybe within a year or two.”

And after the second location, if things are still going well, they’re not against opening as many as is possible. As long as people are still eating sandwiches. 

“It was kind of a leap of faith,” Andy said. “But it’s going great.”

Which Wich is located at 10565 N. Oracle Road, Ste. 111.

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