Picture Rocks residents fill the Community Center on Tuesday, Sept. 14. The audience overwhelmingly resisted plans for a proposed RV park on 75 acres of land on Tula Lane near the border of Saguaro National Park West. Main concerns include damage to local wildlife, natural resources, additional traffic on rural roads, and light and noise pollution.

Picket signs reading “No RVs!” have been replaced with a sign reading “Hallelujah” after plans for a 200-lot RV park in Picture Rocks were scrapped due to substantial community opposition. 

T and T Engineering, which submitted the plans for an RV park on an undeveloped parcel less than a mile from the Saguaro National Park border, withdrew their plans in the wake of a community meeting that overflowed with dissension. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 14, more than 100 residents filled the Picture Rocks Community Center to voice their opposition to the proposed RV park on 75 acres near Saguaro National Park West. The RV park would have been located on Tula Lane, between Picture Rocks and Rudasill roads.

The Planning and Zoning meeting came after Pima County Development Services recommended approval of the RV park’s initial plans for rezoning. Neighbors and concerned residents crowded inside the Community Center with picket signs like “No No No to Rezone” and “No RVs!” The residents’ main concerns included the environmental impact of an RV park, crowding of the small adjacent streets, and noise and light pollution. 

In the public Planning and Zoning Commission staff report, Saguaro National Park chief of science Jeff Conn stated that three areas of focus for the park are light pollution, noise pollution and invasive species. 

Local residents stated they were not against any and all development on the property. Alternate suggestions included subdividing the parcel, building a community park or simply building out the 48 houses without the need for rezoning. 

“This would be a disaster to the wildlife and the community. I’ve never seen people go to an RV park that is so far off the interstate,” said Bob Musgrave, who lives near the proposed park. “The housing market is so lively in Tucson, and it makes me wonder why they’d give up 50 housing lots to turn them into 200 RV lots. That doesn’t make sense to me.” 

After the cancelled plans, the lot is still zoned and planned for 48 residential lots. 

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