Marana Police

The Marana Police Department’s new officers.

These are turbulent times to be a police officer, but even with the recent violence towards law enforcement there are still those who want to don the blue. The Marana Police Department recently recognized eight new officers at a shield pining ceremony at the Marana Municipal Complex. 

Jerry Ysaguirre, Mason Lacaillade, Allicia Caughlin, Dionysius Cazares, Aubrey Lopez, Quan Nguyen, Daniel Nicholas and Jeff Couch were all honored on July 20.

Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema began the tradition of the shield pining ceremony a few year back and feels now more than ever it is important to gather their fellow officers and publicly welcome those that complete the rigorous training.

“Our Police Academy and Field Training program offer a chance to instill our culture in these new officers,” Rozema said as he officiated the ceremony.  “The men and women who go out into Marana wearing this badge are important to this community.”

Rozema did not shy away from the tragic events in Dallas, Baton Rouge and other communities. Quite the opposite, he made it a focal point to address it. He began the ceremony with a moment of silence to honor the fallen and then discussed the recent events. 

“It’s hard to bring people into this profession at a time when it’s scary to be an officer,” Rozema said “Everything that’s going on, though, does not change how we conduct ourselves every day.  We treat every person we meet out on the job with total respect.”

Just a few days before the ceremony Rozema posted an open letter to the community on-line about the tragic events and to thank the residents for their support of the department. There were 68 responses to the letter on the department’s facebook page and many more e-mailed their support to Rozema. He took time during the ceremony to read many of the positive comments. 

Although the group had already had a ceremony at the completion of their training, Rozema likes to have the group meet with their fellow officers and celebrate one final time.

“It is important to me, because what you do is important,” Rozema said. “Your contribution to the Marana Police Department and the Town of Marana and to community of Marana is important. It is not just important, it is vital. It is absolutely vital.”

It was a diverse group of men and women. There were true rookies to the job combined with veterans of the Tucson Police Department and the Pima County Sherriff’s Department.  There were military veterans and even a former state champion quarterback from Canyon Del Oro High School. 

Some made it on their first try, while others have been trying to break into law enforcement for years. 

“Who goes out into this community wearing this badge and wearing this patch is important to me,” Rozema said. 

Rozema also took time to congratulate officers who had recently earned new appointments. Officers Cole Hunter, Jeff Rowe, Bradley Clifford and Mike Jost will all become Lead Police Officers, taking on added responsibilities within their patrol units. 

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