Thousands of works of art made by students within the Amphitheater School District, spanning the artistic range through drawings, photographs and three-dimensional art, have filled both ends of the Foothills Mall.

The art show, which will be on display at the mall through April 17, is representative of all grades, kindergarten through 12th grade, from the district.

For more than 15 years this art show has come to Foothills Mall and is put together by the art teachers from each school. Terre Miller, who is the art specialist at Rio Vista Elementary School, organized this year’s show.

“Teachers selected the best pieces of artwork from their school, that were done in class” Miller said. “And generally they are done by theme.”

Some of the themes span from imitating Vincent Van Gogh, while other classes will create something with the theme of international architecture.

Having a venue like the mall gives students the opportunity for their work to be seen not only by their friends and family but for the general public to have an opportunity to see what kind of art if being created in the schools within the community. 

“Foothills Mall has been really, really terrific,” Miller said. “They have been very accommodating.”

Tucsonan Jeff Kraus was walking through the aisles works of art last week. He was browsing an aisle filled with art created by elementary school students, having thoughts of his hobby of drawing with pastels and painting with oil come to mind. 

“There are really a lot of good works of art here,” Kraus said. “I look for the ones that catch my eye. Some are really eye-catching – some of these kids are really talented.”

Tina Poore was looking at the art with her fifth-grade son Jake, who attends school at Mesa Verde Elementary School. Though Jake’s work wasn’t selected for the show, he knew a lot of the students whose work was on display.

“It is nice that they get to showcase the kids’ artwork and get to show people what they can do,” Tina said.

The show is free and open to the public during regular mall business hours. The art will be on display through April 17.

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